Tai Lopez 5 minute mentor review

This is my Tai Lopez 5 minute mentor review.


The 5 minute mentor is a program in which Tai is going to mentor you about marketing, sales, business, etc.,  in just 5 minutes a day through video.


Tai Lopez 5 minute mentor review



How to get access to the Tai Lopez 5 minute mentor program?


Once you click the button to join the program, you’ll need to create an account.


You’ll need to fill in the information of your name and email address. The cost is 5 dollars per month.


Create an account for the 5 minute mentor program Tai Lopez


What are the payment options for the 5 minute mentor program?


The price of the program is 5 dollars per month or 42 dollars per year. You can cancel at any time.


You’ll get access to these FREE bonuses which are the online mastermind, sales/marketing/persuasion bonus, and live calls.


They have an upsell for $ 49 dollars which is the knowledge bank plus the 12 foundations and the Entrepreneur fitness program.

Tai Lopez 5 minute mentor program upsell


What is the Tai Lopez 5 minute mentor program all about?


There are 130 lessons in the 5-minute mentor program that is for 130 days straight.


Is the Tai Lopez 5 minute mentor really worth it

Tai Lopez 5 minute mentor lessons


The first lesson is an introduction from Tai Lopez about the things he would like to learn in school and he’s going to teach you.


After the first lesson, you’ll need to put your goals with this program in the comment section.


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Why is important to have a mentor?


After spending a lot of money on programs I realized that with a mentor or a program I learned faster instead if I searched on google or Youtube about a subject.


Furthermore, let’s take the example of my MBA which didn’t help me to make more money.


I could learn the subjects on Google and Youtube videos but it will take me more time to learn.


With a program or a mentor, we can accelerate the learning curve.


Tai Lopez 5 minute mentor review | Is The 5 minute mentor program legit?


I can tell you from experience this is a legit program because I bought many courses from this platform to learn many subjects, such as how to make money online, social media marketing agency, how to be an entrepreneur, etc.


In addition, I had experienced that they always over-deliver the information which is really nice.


This is a legit course in which you’ll learn many subjects about the things Tai Lopez learned from his mentors.


How the Tai Lopez 5 minute mentor works?


This program is for people who want financial freedom by doing simple things every single day.


Furthermore, in the first lesson, Tai talks about consistency is so important to achieve anything in life.


The first framework: “It’s simple to make more money but it’s not easy”


Are you willing to watch a video every single day to learn about making money and put in the work the knowledge you learned?


Consistency is the key to achieving success.


Why do I like the Tai Lopez 5 minute mentor Program?


I like the 5 minute mentor because I have great information in one place.


Furthermore, having a mentor like Tai who is achieved great things in life is cool.


Some people don’t like Tai Lopez and that’s ok but I think if he owns a lot of companies is because he has knowledge.


What the 5 minute mentor program is not?


This program is not a get-rich-quick.


Additionally, some people think they can be a millionaire in one day or a week, or a month.


To make money online is a process of simple steps during a period of time.


Furthermore, some people can achieve financial freedom in one year, for others, it’s going to take more time.


Tai Lopez 5 minute mentor review | Can anyone join the 5 minute mentor program?


Yes, anyone who has the willingness to learn and the resources to access the course can join the program.


I think some people are cynical and don’t take action.


Since I finished my MBA in 2012 I started to invest in myself about how to make money online.


I started to look for side hustles such as dropshipping, affiliate marketing, and eCommerce.


The most important thing is to take action. 


Tai Lopez 5 minute mentor review | What is the number one skill for creating wealth?


When I was working for a company I was selling chemical products.


The number one skill for creating wealth is selling things.


You know I remember when I was trying to sell chemicals and I didn’t like it because I thought: “I’m an engineer”


I was so wrong about selling because if you can sell, you can create wealth for yourself.


One of the things I didn’t like about sales is that no one is teaching those valuable skills in school even at the University.


I grew up hearing about sales as a bad thing. But sales is a skill that anyone who wants to create wealth must learn.


Tai Lopez 5 minute mentor review | PROS


  1. Great information about sales, marketing, wealth strategies, and much more.
  2. Video less than 5 minutes so you don’t waste time.
  3. Awesome insights of Tai Lopez who is a self-made millionaire, entrepreneur, and investor.
  4. Accessible price for anyone who wants to learn.
  5. Excellent information, strategies, and tactics.


Why is important to create the habit of learning?


One of the things that separate successful people from the unsuccessful is the habit of learning every single day. 


Moreover, I think we need to learn massive amounts of information in a short period of time. 


For example, if you’re going to start an online business such as eCommerce. 


The faster you learn and experiment with different things, the more you’ll have success. 


But, sometimes we get caught in analysis paralysis and we don’t take action. 


The more reps you do the better you’ll become on something. 


How to start learning with the 5 minute mentor program?


The best way to start learning with the 5 minute mentor program is to take action and access the program.


I think people sometimes waste money on things they don’t have ROI (Return on investment). 


I have invested in my online education since 2015 and don’t waste too much money on things that don’t give me a good ROI. 


In addition, for me is important to not waste time doing a lot of searching and Google or Youtube. Sometimes you need to do a little bit of research but I like to learn fast and that’s why I invest in myself. 


But if you have the time you can learn from Google and Youtube. 


Tai Lopez 5 minute mentor review | How many lessons does it have?


The program has 130 lessons. 


One of the best lessons I heard was about the importance to have a strategy for our projects. 


In addition, there are so many people trying to do things that don’t add up to their goals. 


Everything we do in life needs to be related to our goals.


How to study the 5 minute mentor?


I’m studying the lessons every day before I start my work for the day. 


For me, it’s important to learn new things every day to apply them to life. 


Life is about rituals and habits.


Therefore, it’s crucial to implement good daily habits at a young age. 






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