Tai Lopez Affiliate Ecommerce Store Review

This is my Tai Lopez Affiliate Ecommerce Store review.


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If you don’t know who Tai Lopez is, let me tell you something about him.


Tai Lopez is an entrepreneur who has built and bought many eCommerce brands over the years.


Furthermore, to name a few he’s the owner of RadioShack, Pier 1, Ralph & Russo, etc.


How to access the Tai Lopez Affiliate Ecommerce store program?


Once you access the Free training, the next step is to create an account.


Tai Lopez Affiliate Ecommerce store Create account

After that, you need to put your name, email, and phone number on the next page.


Tai Lopez Affiliate Ecommerce store price


The next step is to put the information to purchase the program.


Tai Lopez Ecommerce Affiliate store payment plan


Once you purchase the program, you’ll receive an email from Tai’s support team with the information:


  1. Private Facebook Group Link. 
  2. They’ll tell you to go through the Ecommerce Academy Modules. 
  3. And to watch the Ecommerce Certified Specialist Program. 


Furthermore, they will invite you to a call so the team can assist you to get the new online store. My honest experience is that I didn’t receive the call on the date I established. 


Although in the first lesson I can schedule a call with the support team. 


How to schedule a call with support team for the affiliate ecommerce store


What is the Tai Lopez Affiliate Ecommerce Store Review?


Tai Lopez affiliate ecommerce store review 1


The Tai Lopez Affiliate eCommerce store is the new program of Tai Lopez in which he taught how to launch an affiliate store utilizing his own products.


Tai Lopez Ecommerce certified specialist training Affiliate store

This is a 4 month of eCommerce certification in which Tai Lopez teaches the ins and outs of how to launch a store. 


Tai Lopez Affiliate Ecommerce store online training

Moreover, the eCommerce space is booming because of the fact that anyone with low resources can launch a store from their home promoting other companies’ products.


In fact, I have been an affiliate for many years which is given me the time and financial freedom I want.


If you are looking for a way to make money online I can tell you that being an affiliate can pay recurring income if you choose well the products.


Is the Tai Lopez Affiliate Ecommerce Store Program worth it?


Tai Lopez affiliate ecommerce store review


Basically, if you get access to this program, you’ll learn about these topics.


  • Ecommerce Certified Specialist 2.0 Course
  • Ecommerce private training library recordings
  • Funnel building workshop recordings
  • Done For You Customer Service
  • Done-for-you Customer Fulfillment
  • Traffic Mastery
  • Proven Best Selling Products List
  • Viral Video Influencer Agency
  • 300 Frameworks (1 Year access)
  • Timeless Marketer
  • The Business Mindset


The price is 97 dollars but they have an upsell which is 2 stores.


Tai Lopez Affiliate ecommerce store upgrade offer


If you want two stores modeled after Pier 1 and Dressbarn, they will give them to you for 29.99 USD.


By the way, I have free affiliate marketing training if you want to learn for free.


If you ask me, if this program is worth it, I definitely want to tell you that I have bought many of Tai Lopez’s programs and they usually overdeliver the information.


Since I bought my first program in 2015 I have learned a lot about many subjects I didn’t know.


Is Tai Lopez Affiliate Ecommerce Store Program legit?


I can tell you that Tai Lopez’s programs are legit.


I have bought many programs since 2015 and they are legit.


Specifically talking about the Affiliate eCommerce store.


The price you are paying for the program plus the store that they will give you if you buy the upsell is a great way to start learning from someone who knows about the subject.


Pros of Tai Lopez Affiliate Ecommerce Store Review.


  1. You’ll learn important knowledge of eCommerce. Which by the way is a must to learn these days.
  2. You’ll learn proven strategies and techniques for eCommerce.
  3. You’ll get 2 stores if you buy the upsell.
  4. The subscription is 97 dollars per year which are not expensive.


Cons of Tai Lopez Affiliate Ecommerce Store Review.


  1. Although this is an excellent program, you could fail if you don’t study and take the right amount of action.
  2. Although you can model the store for other kinds of products, only having access to promote Tai’s products from his companies, you can set for failure because you don’t have a large variety of products.
  3. You need to test many products to find the ones with great profits.


How does Tai Lopez Affiliate eCommerce store work?


The affiliate eCommerce store works in the sense that you’ll promote Tai Lopez’s products from his companies and when someone buys through your store, you’ll get a commission. 


Affiliate marketing is promoting others people’s products and when you make a sale, you’ll get an online commission. 


Furthermore, there are many people that don’t know where to find products to promote, which in this case you won’t have this problem because you can promote Tai’s products. 


In addition, one thing you need to do while you promote products is to build your own customer base, because If someone buys through your store, you can promote more products to the same buyer. 


What is the Tai Lopez Affiliate Ecommerce all about?


The concept of promoting other people’s products is excellent when you don’t have your own products to sell. 


Moreover, creating your own products takes time and resources and in this case, you can promote well-known products. 


Equally important for you to know that you’ll need cash to promote through ads because the organic traffic takes time to build up. 


Furthermore, they are giving you access to Tai Lopez Traffic mastery, so you can learn the paid strategies to drive traffic to your own store. 


Why is important to start an affiliate eCommerce store?


Let’s say you bought the program and had great results. That’s awesome.


But why stay there?


I believe if you succeed with an online business, the next step is to scale it.


Whether you decide to create more stores or run more traffic to your store, the thing here is to 10X your results.


The best part is that you’ll learn proven strategies on how to start an online business using affiliate marketing and eCommerce techniques.


What I have learned from The Tai Lopez Affiliate Ecommerce store?


The first module is excellent because Tai Lopez explains the big picture of eCommerce. 


There are many things to learn about eCommerce which include marketing, legal information, technical knowledge, etc. 


Furthermore, there are some courses that explain well 2 or 3 topics but the affiliate eCommerce store has 12 topics. 


In addition, I bought the 2 stores so the team is going to give me the stores for Dressbarn and Pier 1. 


What you should know if you access the Tai Lopez Affiliate Ecommerce store?


If you are going to access the Affiliate eCommerce store is important to learn the modules and take massive action.


Additionally, you’ll need some cash to invest in ads to drive traffic to the store because without traffic you don’t have a business.


That means for people who don’t have extra cash to run for ads, it’s going to be difficult to start.


Although you can get creative like platforms such as Tiktok, Instagram reels, and Youtube shorts.


But definitely having extra cash to experiment with ads is a big part of this business model.


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This is my Tai Lopez Affiliate eCommerce store review.


I received the Affiliate eCommerce store 5 days after I purchased the program. 


Tai’s team sent me an email with the login on Shopify with detailed instructions on how to access my store. 


Tai Lopez Ecommerce affiliate store


The store is about Candles, Fragrances, and Furniture. This store is modeled from Pier 1.


Tai Lopez affiliate ecommerce store Pier 1


There are some things I needed to do once I received my store.

Tai Lopez affiliate ecommerce store furniture

The first step is to change the email, password, and credit card, so I have full access to the store.


Moreover, the store is packed with 100 of the best-selling products from Pier 1 which is cool.


How does it look like the Dressbarn store?


I received the Dressbarn store 14 days after I purchased the program. 


Tai Lopez dressbarn affiliate store


Furthermore, this store is about woman clothes, blouses, jeans, etc. 


Tai Lopez Dressbarn affiliate ecomm store


Tai Lopez affiliate Dressbarn ecomm store best sellers

Which one is better for you?


You need to decide if you want to promote products from Pier 1 or Dressbarn. 


My timeline learning experience with the eCommerce Affiliate Store program.


The first month of the Affiliate Ecommerce store Program.


I studied the first-month intro to online business from June 27th to July 2nd.  



Moreover, I learned interesting things about apps for the e-commerce store, building a business plan, tips on e-commerce, etc. 

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