Tai Lopez Entrepreneur Starter Kit Review

This is my Tai Lopez Entrepreneur Starter Kit Review so you can know what is all about.


First of all, I want to start with the definition of an entrepreneur, which is a person who creates new businesses, bearing most of the risks and enjoying most of the rewards.


1. Tai Lopez Entrepreneur Starter Kit Review: Modules


Tai Lopez Entrepreneur Starter kit review

Screenshot of the modules


The Entrepreneur Starter Kit has 5 modules and each module has its own lessons.


  1. Pick a business
  2. Quick Launch
  3. Look and Listen
  4. Modify
  5. Grow


Also, when I bought this program it had as a bonus the traveling CEO and other bonuses lessons. Click here to join the Entrepreneur Starter Kit

2. Tai Lopez Entrepreneur Starter Kit review: Module 1


The Module pick a business has the following lessons:


  1. Introduction and walkthrough to the Entrepreneur Starter Kit.
  2. Pick the right idea
  3. Using the P.A.S.E System to Asses personality types.
  4. Introvert or Extrovert
  5. Are you a creator or a doer?
  6. Building a scalable business
  7. Starting a business is easier than you think
  8. The importance of building a solid foundation
  9. Are you in the right business?
  10. How scalable is your business?


In fact, if you want to be an entrepreneur, the training in this course is a good approach to become one.


Also, if you have a job right now you can have a side hustle, so you can experiment with a lot of ideas without worrying about the money. Because when someone is going to quit their job to become an entrepreneur without knowing the path is going to be hard.


Also, the Entrepreneur Starter Kit will give you frameworks, so you can know how to think and most importantly take action.


Additionally, most people procrastinate when they want to do new things and unless those people have a force pushing them, they will move.


For example, imagine if someone is happy working for a company and he doesn’t know that is going to be fired; that person should be looking for new jobs as a backup plan. Then, suddenly he is fired from the company, I’m sure that he is going to look for a new job as soon as possible.


Click here to join the Entrepreneur Starter Kit


3. Tai Lopez Entrepreneur Starter Kit review: Module 2


The module quick lunch has the following lessons:


  1. Making things people care about.
  2. The secret of launching quickly.
  3. Leveraging your beliefs to Launch your business
  4. Done is better than perfect.


These lessons are so important because you need to know if your product is going to have demand.


In addition, you always need to test everything on a low scale so you can be sure when you go full in, you’re going to have results and don’t waste time.


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4. Tai Lopez Entrepreneur Starter Kit Review: Module 3


The Module 3 look and listen has the following lessons:


  1. When everybody’s talking you should be listening.
  2. Being able to look and listen from different perspectives.
  3. Understanding what works for you
  4. The importance of getting feedback from your customers.


Remember that if you can see what people are doing good or bad you can react to what happens in the market.


I’m an engineer so this reminds me of the third law of Newton, the law of action and reaction.


Because if you are running a business as an entrepreneur you need to know what is doing your rivals, what are saying your customers, so you can react to those actions to grow your business.


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5. Tai Lopez Entrepreneur Starter Kit review: Module 4


The module 4 modify has the following lessons:


  1. Modifying your business to be successful.
  2. Modifications equal adaptability.
  3. Rising from the ashes


When you study your surroundings you need to modify your actions to improve your results.


When I was launching my online business, I test many products on google ads with multiple campaigns, then I analyzed which campaigns gave me better conversions. So I modify the strategy to have better results.


6. Tai Lopez Entrepreneur Starter Kit review: Module 5


Module 5 grow has these lessons:


  1. Accelerating your business.
  2. Two approaches to growing your business
  3. Grow your business to attract the perfect customers.
  4. Breaking through the plateau.
  5. 7 Steps to growing your network
  6. Fundamentals of managing your time.
  7. Practicality when setting up your business with Adam Torres.
  8. Building authority and a predictable sales process with Zach Johnson
  9. The key to building credibility
  10. How to accept online payments for the Digital entrepreneur
  11. Tips on negotiating with clients from Rich Robbins
  12. Growing local businesses through press releases with Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz
  13. Closing clients using apps and mobiles services


When you have a business and have sales, it’s time to accelerate your business because people care about your business.


If something is working keep doing the same thing so you can scale your results, for example, if you are spending 10 dollars on google ads and you made 20 dollars, you need to spend more until it didn’t work anymore.


Click here to join the Entrepreneur Starter Kit



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