72 Hour Freedom Challenge review by a real user

This is my 72 Hour Freedom Challenge review.


This training has the information to launch an affiliate marketing business in 72 hours.


I did the challenge and most of the tools are free.


Access to the 5 second silent method 72 Hour Freedom Challenge


Information about the 72 Hour Freedom Challenge from Jonathan Montoya.


Name: 72-Hour Freedom Challenge

Creator: Jonathan Montoya

Price: 9 dollars

Rating: 100 of 100

Affiliate program: Join the challenge to get approved.


1.0 What is the 72 Hour Freedom Challenge?


The 72 Hour Freedom Challenge is an affiliate marketing training about how to start an online business using the power of short form video.


Freedom accelerator access 5 second silent method


One of the things about this training is that Jonathan allows his affiliates to clone their funnel.


The funnel has a free course inside that you can use to give it for free. That is called a lead magnet.


Let me show you some student results.

Jonathan Montoya student results


Jonathan Montoya student results 2


2.0 Who is Jonathan Montoya?


Jonathan Montoya results


Jonathan is an electrical engineer that started his journey with affiliate marketing in 2019.


He created a Youtube Channel to show his journey to other people who wants to succeed with affiliate marketing.


The purpose of his channel is to help complete beginners create a 100k dollar with affiliate marketing.


3.0 Is it legit the 72 Hour Freedom Challenge?


Yes, indeed. This is a legit training about how to learn affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing means promoting other people’s products.


There are many ways to promote an affiliate product but one of the best strategies is by using short form videos.


Inside this training, you’ll learn Jonathan Montoya’s strategies.


4.0 PROS of the 72 Hour Freedom Challenge


  • It has proven strategies to start an online business.
  • You can download a funnel to promote the free course.
  • If you don’t want to use clickfunnels, you can use system.io to launch your business.
  • The price is 9 dollars which is not expensive.
  • It has the information to build a 6 Figure Online business.


5.0 CONS of the 72 Hour Freedom Challenge


  • If you want to use Clickfunnels you’ll need to pay for the software but that’s why Jonathan teaches the same strategies for systeme.io.
  • The system works but you need to know that requires work and it could take some time to build an audience to make commissions. 


6.0 Let’s take a look inside the training


I recorded a video for this training so anyone can take a look at what are the lessons inside.



7.0 How to make money online with the 72 hour challenge?


One of the things that are important when you start your own journey at doing affiliate marketing is to build your own email list.


Furthermore, you need to do it the right way to succeed.


That means, having the right traffic, funnels, and tools so you don’t waste your precious time.


The knowledge of this training can be used to start promoting any niche you want.


The first part is to choose the niche and then it’s important to start creating content around that niche.


Eventually, you’ll start building your own audience that knows, like, and trust you.


8.0 72 Hour Freedom Challenge Accelerator


The 72 hour freedom challenge is a great course to learn affiliate marketing and it has the information to start an online business.


But the freedom accelerator is a high-ticket course in which you’ll learn more strategies such as how to grow youtube, how to use DM’s to close sales, how to increase conversions, etc.


That’s why if you think you need more complete training, you can write a comment below this article to let me know so I can contact you.


I think affiliate marketing is a great way to generate extra income from home and the 72 hour challenge is a good start.


9.0 72 Hour Freedom Challenge price and upsells.


The price of the 72 Hour Freedom Challenge is 9 dollars which is not expensive.

72 Hour Freedom Challenge review price


For 9 dollars you’ll get the lessons and the free funnel to promote the challenge and other products like Clickfunnels, Getresponse, etc.


The next upsell is the Get the 1000 Followers hack on Tiktok. This is a great lesson in which you’ll learn how to get 1000 followers so you don’t waste time putting your link in the BIO.


72 hour freedom challenge 1000 sub titkok strategy

If you don’t know what videos to create, the next upsell will help you because there are proven viral shorts to copy as your own. So this upsell the price is 147 dollars.

72 hour freedom challenge proven viral videos upsell


The next one is for anybody who needs help building a 24/7 sales system. This is a done-for-you upsell, the price is 397 dollars.

72 Hour freedom challenge done for you upsell

10.0 72 Hour Freedom Challenge lessons


The lessons that you’ll get access inside of the 72 Hour Freedom challenge.


10.1 The Freedom to Roadmap


You’ll learn the strategy to make money online with affiliate marketing.


Furthermore, why it’s important to build your own email list. Basically, the more emails you collect, the more money you can make with affiliate marketing.


Also, the best niches you can choose for affiliate marketing in order to make commissions.


Jonathan will explain case studies of successful people that implemented this system.


10.2 The Automated Sales System


Jonathan will teach you how to create a 24/7 Sales system with Clickfunnels or systeme.io.


If you don’t have money to pay for Clickfunnels, the alternative to use is systeme.io. The most important thing is to build your own funnel to collect leads.


Then you’ll learn how to build an automated email sequence to promote products.


10.3 3 Secret Traffic Methods for Fast Results.


Traffic is the lifeblood of your affiliate marketing business and this lesson will teach you how to do that.


Without traffic, you don’t have a business. You can have everything set up but without people is not going to work.


I think this is one of the most important lessons to watch and put into practice.


Some people get discouraged when they don’t see results, but here is the thing, you need to take a commitment to keep going even if you don’t see any results.


My results with 72 Hour Freedom Challenge


Let me show you some of my results promoting this online training.


72 Hour Freedom Challenge Results


One valuable tool that is going to help you make commissions online with the 72 Hour Freedom challenge is the funnel.


Furthermore, the funnel will allow you to collect leads, and those leads will turn into customers.


That’s why it’s important to set up a 24/7 sales system.


So you can stay focused on driving traffic to your own funnel and building your own personal brand.


72 Hour Freedom Challenge Affiliate Program


If you want to promote the 72 Hour Freedom challenge you can do it.


Now, I want to tell you that it’s better to promote something that you know is going to help people. Access the 72 Hour challenge here.


To access the affiliate program you need to go to jonathanmontoyalive.com/JV


You need to apply to promote the challenge.


If you get the approval, you should be able to access your dashboard and your own affiliate links.


For who is the 72 hour freedom challenge?


This challenge is for people who want to quit their 9 to 5 job by creating an online income.


It has the training to start an affiliate marketing business from scratch.


Basically, the price to buy the challenge is 9 dollars which is not expensive for many people.


And if you are a complete beginner this program is for you.


Let me tell you that I bought the challenge because I’m always searching to improve my affiliate marketing skills.


One thing that is really cool about this challenge is that you can promote Jonathan’s course as your own.


What is the Freedom Accelerator Affiliate Program?



The Freedom Accelerator is the high ticket program of Jonathan Montoya. 


Basically when you start promoting the 72 hour freedom challenge which is the low ticket every person that signed up with you can purchase the upsells and the high ticket program.


Therefore when you are an affiliate of Jonathan Products, you become a Freedom Accelerator affiliate. 


So the Freedom Accelerator affiliate program is the system that allows you to promote the 72 hour challenge plus the upsells and finally make commissions with the high ticket training. 


You can read the full review I did on Freedom Accelerator.


11.0 My final opinion about this online training


I think this is training for anyone who wants to start an online business as fast as possible with a proven method that works.


Jonathan said that it has the information to build a 6 Figure online business but if you want to get to the next level, you’ll need more in-depth training like Freedom Accelerator.


Access the 72 Hour Freedom Challenge here.

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