The Loci Cycle Review from Chris Munch: PROS, CONS & PRICE | Is the Best New Way to Make Money Online?

In this Loci Cycle Review from Chris Munch: I’ll explain how you can make money in Crypto without buying any coins. 


I’m going to respond to the question; Is the Best New Way to Make Money Online?


I want to share with you this Loci Cycle Review if you are looking for a way to start an online business and generate plenty amount of profits or if you have been taking action but haven’t seen good results. Also, this information is for you if you want to take your business to the next level.


Let me tell you a little history first…


You know when I was working for someone else the most important thing I did was take action.


Even if I didn’t know at that time if I was right.


A mentor told me that if I wasn’t sure about a thing the best thing I can do is take action.


So you know I started my journey on how to make money online.


It took me a year to have my first online commission but I did it.


It’s a strange feeling.


Do you know why?


Because If you can earn 1 dollar online, you can scale to 100 and so on.


Getting back to the Loci Cycle.


1. The Loci Cycle Review.


Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz from are going to launch an Artificial Intelligence software, the Loci Cycle, and a traffic tool that will help you to drive visitors to your websites.


You can use the Loci Cycle to promote any kind of business.


  • eCom Products.
  • Dropshipping
  • Amazon websites
  • Reviews
  • Ebooks
  • Digital Memberships
  • Online courses
  • Coaching & Consulting
  • Affiliate products
  • CPA Offers
  • Local businesses
  • Your Own Agency
  • Crypto
  • Anything you want to promote to make a profit.


Loci cycle review testimonials

It’s no secret the COVID-19 pandemic brought the world to a standstill in 2020. Businesses closed, jobs were lost, and the economy take a hit.


This is a great opportunity because During the COVID-19, Chris Munch’s business increased 35%, and his students did better than ever. So imagine being able to succeed financially during a pandemic.


Moreover, this system is immune to economic events because they built it that way.


Also, you can instantly tap into exploring new niches because, if you are way ahead of trends you can make money. For example, in the Cryptocurrency niche, you can make money in Crypto Without buying coins.


2. What is Ampifire and his connection with the Loci Cycle?


AmpiFire is a successful content marketing company helping small businesses to increase their sales. 


Also, they create online visibility for your businesses with a methodology and strategic multimedia content utilizing hundreds of digital websites.


Moreover, this is recognized by search engines such as google with a unique goal; to increase your online exposure on the world wide web. 


In addition, they began as a brand that provided help for leveling the playing field for small businesses, so they can succeed on the web. 


Since then, they’ve developed a world-class omnichannel Content Marketing Strategy.


As an organization that was 100% profitable in its first year, they are proud of the ability to serve 5,000 + customers today with Ampifire.


Equally important, they are a virtual team of over 100 people spread across the world.


In addition, they are so excited to be working on a unique and disruptive content marketing SaaS platform.


Furthermore, the vision of Ampifire is to level the playing field for small businesses. Enabling businesses of every size and affordable content marketing solutions that can help them reach their goals, increase their sales, and exposure.


Also, they have the most diverse and unique distribution on the planet because they have spent years curating and building distribution, unlike any other company.


Additionally, they have signed publisher agreements, set up direct integrations, built their own blog network with some of the biggest platforms and websites to 10X the distribution of the content.



3. Who is Chris Munch and his connection with the Loci Cycle review?


Chris Munch is an Entrepreneur and viral content strategist best known for founding the world’s first content amplification engine that allows you to advertise your content on hundreds of authority sites in minutes.


Also, Chris started his first online business in 2006 while still in college, surviving with instant noodles.


As well, he sold over 200,000 digital and physical products online. Chris Munch eventually made his first $100,000+/year with a method that forms the basis of everything he does today.


In addition, he has grown his business to 8 figures per year without funding and built a team of 73 people in 17 countries using an early version of this system.


Moreover, he has helped more than 23,000 online entrepreneurs start or grow their own businesses.


Loci Cycle review Chris Munch

Chris Munch’s unique expertise, knowledge, and contacts have him internationally recognized as an expert on website Traffic Methods.


Over the past 15 years, Chris Munch has been creating independent websites and software for the web.


His sites and online websites have reached more than 30 million people, and he has sold hundreds of thousands of physical and digital products.


4. Who is Jay Cruiz and his connection with the Loci Cycle review?


Jay Cruiz was stuck in an office job and he was looking for an escape, so he met Chris Munch and Jay came on board.


Equally important, he is the director at Ampifire, the world’s fastest-growing content distribution company, adding over 350% to the revenue in record time.


Also, Jay Cruiz made 8 figures in sales online. Additionally, he is the Co-creator of the best-selling program that allows complete beginners to create a $20,000/month income stream quickly.


Moreover, he has helped 100s of people replace their 9 – 5 income and created multiple 6 figure success stories.


Furthermore, with a team of over 50+ awesome individuals, they are helping entrepreneurs and businesses to reach the next level.


Today, Jay Cruiz is the team leader in London, UK.

Loci Cycle review Jay Cruiz

In fact, Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz reported the arrival of the Loci Cycle program, which empowers members to earn $2000+ every week, manage jobs from home, bring in cash, and have the opportunity to do the things they need to do.


Loci Cycle review Chris and Jay

Source: The Loci cycle Book.




5. What are the results of the Loci Cycle?


They have used a 3 step system to “Farm’ $2,079+/week Profit with zero competition in any niche using an AI Traffic Automation Tool.


These are some results of the Loci Cycle system:


Loci cycle review resultsSource: The Loci cycle Book.

In fact, these results are not typical if you are looking for “get rich quick” you may leave this review.


Equally important, this is not for people who are only in it for themselves and don’t care about helping others.


Therefore, this is a real business and you must be willing to put in the effort.


Furthermore, Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz claim that they and his hard-working students have used a 3 simple step method plus and an underground traffic tool to profit in zero to low competition niches.


Remember, if you are going to sell a product it’s better to have low competition. 


Loci cycle review resultsSource: The Loci cycle Book.


His students are generating $2,079+/week by “Farming” profits online in any niche.  


6. Loci cycle review: What is yours why? What is your passion?


First, you need to get clear on the reasons why you want to create a new income stream, which increases your chances of success.


Second, you need to know that statistically, people who have a strong “why” are 87% more likely to succeed in business than those who don’t.


The stronger your “why”, the more likely you are to succeed and achieve your goals and dreams. 


7. What is the Loci Cycle?


The Loci Cycle has 3 secrets:


  1. The Overview. The 3-step system that generated $2,079/week with “Fill in a form” Campaigns you can deploy in just 30 minutes.
  2. Making money. The little-known formula to finding high profit, Low-Competition Offers to promote in any niche including Crypto.
  3. Driving traffic. How to automate your buyer traffic using a clever Artificial Intelligence tool to publish unique, High-quality promotional content on 200+ major websites including google news, Flickr, youtube, etc.


Loci cycle review what is the Loci cycle



The Loci cycle business model has no start-up costs, no inventory, no paid ads, no customer support, or any usual headaches. Also, this system is about rapid deployment, free targeted buyer traffic for 30 minutes of work, and “man in the middle” profits.


Additionally, you don’t need to pay for ads, because the students get FREE access to their incredible traffic platform, which allows them to get buyers from Youtube, Google News, Apple, and hundreds of other websites, for just 30 minutes of effort.


In addition, they have a community that has produced countless proof, case studies, and testimonials. They are seeing more success and proof of earnings from the traffic tool than ever before.


8. What are the most popular business models?


The most popular business models:


  1. Affiliate marketing.
  2. Amazon FBA
  3. Amazon Wholesale
  4. Dropshipping
  5. Info products.


If you’ve ever tried one of these models, you already know there can be roadblocks to success.


9. What are the most common roadblocks of the most popular business models?


Have you ever experienced that you don’t have a competitive advantage?


That’s because everybody is doing the same thing, following the same gurus, watching the same youtube videos, buying the same courses; if you are trying to make some profits where everybody is working, the best opportunities will disappear.


The most important thing for every business is quality traffic.


Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is the process to promote a company’s service or product to drive a sale so you can earn a commission. You can do that through an affiliate network, such as Clickbank, Jvzoo, and digistore24. 

  1. You are building someone else’s business. This is so important because you need to build your own business. 
  2. Most high converting offers have huge competition. For example, if you search perpetual income 365 a product from ClickBank, you’ll see a lot of competition. 
  3. Hard to find offers that pay recurring commissions. You can find some offers that pay you recurring commissions but is hard to find them. 


Amazon FBA


Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). You let Amazon pick, pack, and ship your orders. You store your products in amazon’s centers, so they can pick, pack and ship those products. 


  1. Amazon can shut you down for any reason. This is very sad but true, imagine if amazon shut you down your account. 
  2. The customer data is owned by Amazon. Amazon has all customer data. 
  3. Greedy sellers fees eat into your profit margins. You can’t control the fees from the sellers. 
  4. Need to start-up capital for branding and inventory. You need money to start with this business model. 


Amazon Wholesale


Amazon Wholesale. This is a process that involves buying products from the manufacturer, then you sell those products as a reseller on Amazon. 


  1. Can take months to find a reputable supplier. Or can take you years because this depends on the market. 
  2. Lots of red tapes (licenses, company formation, etc.). Typically this is excessive bureaucracy.
  3. Often $1,000s upfront before you’re up and running. You need money to start a wholesale amazon business. 




Dropshipping is a process in which a store doesn’t keep the products, so they only purchase the product from a third party and have it shipped to the customer. 


  1. You need to build your store. Or you can pay someone to build it for you, but it takes money. 
  2. Long shipping delays often lead to unhappy customers. It’s difficult to control the shipping time from the suppliers. 
  3. Hard to find a winning product. You need to test a lot to find a winning product. 


Information products


These are products that contain some kind of knowledge. Also, these are sold digitally or downloaded from a website. 


  1. Requires a high level of expertise in a specific area. Also, that area of expertise needs to be in demand if you want to sell the course. 
  2. Need to create sales material. You need a sales process so you can sell the course. 
  3. No guarantee your product will even sell. If the product isn’t in demand, you won’t sell it. 


10. Loci Cycle review: What are the steps?


This process works for a business start-up, as it does for an 8 figure software company.


In fact, the Loci Cycle System leverages a secret AI traffic tool which generates huge exposure for any business, product, or offer in any niche because it’s fast, targeted, buyer intent, predictable, easy to scale, and FREE.


Loci cycle review steps

Source: Loci cycle book.

The first step is to choose a proven offer with high profit, high conversions, low competition, in a growing niche, high integrity, and low refunds.


The second step is to deploy your “Loci Farm” which is creating a mini-site with a proven template. “Loci Farms” are simple copy & paste mini websites already proven to convert. You will deploy them in zero to low competition niches to harvest the profits.


Loci cycle review: What kind of market are you going to deploy your “Loci Farm”?


In a market that has zero too low competition.


Abundant opportunity to “plant more seeds” so you can scale up your “Loci Farm”.


A market that has almost non-existent barriers to entry.


Additionally, a market that has the potential to sell the “Loci Farm” for a cash windfall of X times profit.


The third step is to activate the AI traffic tool that allows you to put your “Loci Farm” in many places on the web.


Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz claim that they have coached all kinds of students in all kinds of niches and they’ve been able to scale their results into life-changing profits.


Did you know that with the Loci cycle you can get free and targeted buyer traffic on demand?


11. How many “Loci Farms” do you need?


The more you do, the bigger the results you will get.


I know you have heard the phrase: “The sky is the limit” if you can think big enough and work smart, you will reach the sky.


Now, let’s think for a second, what happens if you plant one seed of corn or you plant ten seeds of corn; what do you think is better for you?


In addition, the more time and effort you put into your Loci Cycle business, the more your traffic and profits stack up.


12. What are the “Loci Farms” time expectations?


Each “Loci Farm” can deploy in about one hour with practice.


Your “Loci Farm” should take no more than 15 – 30 minutes per week or per month to maintain and grow.


Also, your “Loci Farm” can run “hands-free” to bring the maintenance and growth part down to almost nothing.


The Loci Cycle System is like having 10 – 200X individual digital assets working for you.


Truly, the approach is to deploy lots of “Loci Farms”, some will tick over and some will hit big.


In fact, high converting “Loci Farms” can deploy in about one hour and they take only a few minutes each week or month to maintain and grow.


Additionally, deploying more “Loci Farms” increases the odds you’ll find a winner but you can never predict what any single “Loci Farm” will produce and that’s why they hedge their bets “deploy as many Loci Farms as you can.”


Equally important, this is a real business, so it takes time and effort.


13. How much money can you get from the “Loci Farms”?


These are some examples of what is possible with the Loci Cycle.


Loci farm results

Source: Loci cycle book

The more “Loci Farms” the more money you will get and you don’t need any experience, buy inventory, spend endless hours creating content, be based in the U.S or Europe, or have any technical skills.


14. How do you get paid with the Loci Cycle system?


Loci cycle how you get paid

Source: Loci cycle book

All you need to do is to connect certain types of products with the people who are looking for those products and offers.


First, you need to get the attention of hungry buyers.


Second, the hungry buyers visit the vendor’s site to make the purchase.


Third, the Vendors pay you a share of the sale for bringing them a new customer.


Fourth, the vendor handles the orders and everyone is happy.


15. What is the old way of promoting Clickbank?


I know you have heard about this strategy of promoting Clickbank products. If you don’t know about Clickbank, they’re a global retailer in 200 countries, for 20 years and with over $ 4 Billion Paid to entrepreneurs and affiliates. 


First, go to Clickbank.


Second, choose a category.


Third, sort by gravity.


Fourth, get the affiliate tools from the vendor.


Fifth, start promoting Clickbank products by driving traffic to your hop links.


16. Does it has hidden costs?


The Loci Cycle is a real business with no hidden start-up costs.


Loci cycle review is it worth?

Source: Loci cycle book

As you can see in the chart, for a Brick & Mortar Franchise you will need from $25,000 to $5 million in the start-up phase. Then you’ll have extra expenses, such as Franchise Fees, Staff Salaries, COGS, Utilities, etc., then expected profit margins around 3% – 5%, the competition is very high and you’ll need to work around 40-80 hours per week.


On the other hand, if you’ll start an e-commerce private label, you’ll need $500 – $10,000+ for the start-up, then you’ll have extra expenses, such as advertising, inventory, software, and subscriptions, etc., for 20% – 30% expected profit margins, with very high competition, and you’ll need to work around 10-40 hours per week.


In contrast, if you’ll start an e-commerce dropshipping business, the start-up cost will be low, the extra expenses it would be for the advertising, software, subscriptions, etc., then expected profit margins would be around 10% – 20%, the competition is extremely high, and you’ll need to work 5-20 hours per week.


On the contrary, if you want to start an affiliate marketing business, the extra expenses would be for the advertising, content creation, etc., the expected profit margins would be around 1% – 99%, the competition is extremely high and you will need to work 5-60 hours per week.


Of course, for the Loci Cycle system you will have zero starts up cost, the extra expenses is optional because it would be for the hosting of the “Loci Farms”, the expected profit margins would be around 80% – 99%, you’ll have zero to low competition, and you only need to work 0-2 hours per week once set up.


17. Is it worth the Loci Cycle?


The Loci Cycle is a new business model driving massive student success.


They will figure out how to get any offer, site, or item publicized on Google News, YouTube, Vimeo, digital recording catalogs, high traffic news, and blog destinations, SlideShare, web-based media, and the sky is the limit from there.


Also, you need to know this system requires work and effort.


In fact, Chris Munch from AmpiFire shared: “The artificial intelligence helped content intensification stage AmpiFire and a group of master content makers will deal with the clients’ substance age and distribution needs so entrepreneurs can place their full concentration and energy into what they excel at.”


You can register to the Loci Cycle System before it’s too late.


18. Why the Loci Cycle is a Self-Sufficient Business Model?


The Loci Cycle is a lean and self-sufficient business model because there is no inventory or samples to buy as you’re selling other people’s products, services, and offers.


Also, you won’t use Facebook ads, google ads, youtube ads, because you’ll use free buyer traffic.


Additionally, there’s no hiring or outsourcing to pay for, because you won’t need to deal with customers and the clever Artificial Intelligence traffic automation tool will do the rest.


They recommend you buy domains and web hosting for your Loci Farms to give them extra credibility, so you can make them more valuable in case you want to sell them later.


19. The Loci Cycle Farm Hustle explained


Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz claim that some people have been able to set up a $72,280.69/year side hustle in their spare time.


Loci cycle review results

Source: Loci cycle book

These earnings take only 1 hour every 3 months to achieve –  not typical but very possible.


This process isn’t only great for beginners, also it’s great for established businesses too.


20. What kind of niches can you promote with your Loci Farm?


This method is successful because they know how to find “low to zero” competition opportunities.


Some people rely on saturated “best seller” lists, but the Loci Cycle have their special criteria, as a result, they see profits in all kinds of niches.


Loci cycle review niches

Source: Loci cycle book.

In fact, you can promote anything you like with this method.


They have hundreds of businesses using the Loci Cycle to grow and expand their business by increasing sales.


21. What is included in the Loci Cycle?


You know, there are opportunities to make profits the way they do with the Loci Cycle. If you want a great place to start finding good ideas, there is an exploding new niche waiting for you.


The new niche is the cryptocurrency space and they’re not talking about trading.


Major corporations, celebrities, hedge funds, etc., everyday people are getting involved with cryptocurrency.


We are at the critical point where regular people are familiar enough to get involved.


Loci cycle review cryptocurrency opportunities


With almost 6,000 crypto coins and tokens already, there are opportunities to set up some Loci Farms and profit right now.


The crypto space is a great place to start and holds thousands of opportunities but you can promote anything you want with this method.


How do you get targeted buyer traffic? | Loci Cycle Review


An early student started using The Loci Cycle underground method to get free buyer traffic.


He was new to the methods but he saw success with it.


In fact, with this method, he added ten of million dollars to his business.


He started using this method to drive free buyer traffic to all kinds of businesses in all kinds of niches.


The #1 struggle for most people who start an online business is driving profitable traffic.


Do you need a 6 figure marketing budget? | Loci Cycle Review


Most people do what they’re told by a youtube guru or they try to do strategies from multi-billion dollar mega-corporations, but there’s something you never told.


Whether you are trying to get traffic using expensive ads or with slow SEO… it’s all based on algorithms.


Furthermore, to get these algorithms to work in your favor, you will need a 6 figure marketing budget behind you.


Equally important, Most people spend thousands of dollars in their campaigns to work, and other people work months and years to get their SEO to help them rank on the first page of google.


In addition, not everybody has a 6 figure marketing budget to start an online business.


Additionally, over the years Chris improved the method.


Also, the Loci Cycle focuses on getting real targeted potential buyers.


Furthermore, Chris Munch created his solution around the most powerful traffic idea: get anything, seen everywhere, in every way, and they made it as simple as filling a form.


Clever Artificial Intelligence Traffic Automation Tool | Loci Cycle Review. 


The Clever Artificial Intelligence Traffic Automation Tool they used to advertise anything on the world’s biggest sites.


Also, Ampifire 2.0 is the world’s first and only amplification engine created to automate their most robust traffic method and it’s so simple as filling a form.


New ampifire 2.0 features:


  • New ability to create and distribute infographics in minutes.
  • A beautiful new user interface.
  • Infographic distribution to Flickr, Imgbb, ImgShack, ImgBox, and more coming soon.
  • Ability to access over 75 million+ visitors per month through infographic traffic.
  • Improved AI automatic human voices.
  • New and improved advanced video editor for higher quality videos.
  • Numerous general performance improvements.
  • Expanded library of free stock videos and images with improved search.
  • Additional distribution to more high traffic sites for videos, blogs, news, images, podcasts, etc.


22. What is ampifire 2.0?


Ampifire 2.0 is a clever Artificial Intelligence automation tool that will help you to create unique content in every format, and it will get seen all across the internet, as well some top websites.


In addition, this automated tool will create articles, videos, slides, images, and will distribute them to 200+ of the biggest websites in the world.


23. How Ampifire 2.0 works?


You will be able to use the content wizard to draft the content for you.


Ampifire 2.0 content wizard

Source: Loci cycle book

To get started you fill a form and answer some questions about what you’re promoting.


Ampifire 2.0 formSource: Loci cycle book


First, the Artificial Intelligence automation Tool will create an article.


Ampifire 2.0 articleSource: Loci cycle book

Second, it writes a blog too.


Ampifire 2.0 blogSource: Loci cycle book

Third, the automation tool will create a podcast audio ad.


Ampifire 2.0 podcast audioSource: Loci cycle book

Fourth, the tool will give you a slideshow PDF.


Ampifire 2.0 slideshow pdfSource: Loci cycle book

Fifth, It will generate a video.


Ampifire 2.0 videoSource: Loci cycle book

Additionally, it will create an infographic image.


Ampifire 2.0 infographic imageSource: Loci cycle book

Ampifire 2.0 push all this content on some of the biggest website in the world, such as google news, youtube, and 200+ websites so you can have enough free buyer traffic


24. How many opportunities are there for your Loci Farms?


Right now, there are significant opportunities you can farm every day because there are more than 3.5 billion Google searches conducted every day and 16% – 20% of all annual Google search results are new.


Also, that’s over 500,000,000+ new opportunities for traffic and sales every single day.


Therefore, new traffic opportunities appear every single day.


Additionally, Chris and Jay claim this results of their students:


  • Justin made $2,999 in 7 days and kept building from there.
  • Adam made $150 on his first day, nothing for a week, then things explode.
  • Greg got to $3,573/month within 30 days.
  • Sandra started making $1,500/month within 19 days.


Equally important, they can’t predict you will succeed but if you commit to a consistent daily effort for 90 days, they’re confident you’ll get results.


Remember, the key is consistency –  do a little every day.


In addition, this method is awesome because your efforts stack every time, on the contrary, in other business models you’re always starting from scratch.


25. PROS | Loci Cycle review


It’s a proven business model with tangible results.


Additionally, the creators of this product have a robust background, so they have the experience to help other people and businesses that want to grow their sales.


Moreover, you only need to fill a form and repeat the same process with as many Loci Farms you want.


Furthermore, anyone can clone their unique profit system to make $ 2,079+/week or more just like their students have done. 


In addition, the Loci Cycle strategy will allow you to make money from Crypto without buying coins or taking risks and make money in any niche with zero competition. 


Also, you don’t need to pay for ads because students get FREE access to their incredible traffic platform


26. CONS | Loci Cycle Review


The price is 3,495 USD, so it’s a high initial investment.


Also, you only have from October 12th to November 4th to buy the Loci Cycle.


27. The Loci Cycle Review: Final Words


The best part is that anyone can clone their unique “man in the middle” profit system to make $2,079+/week, even with no prior experience.


Also, you’ll have access to ampifire 2.0 and a new source of free targeted buyer traffic they’ve developed and implemented into their platform.


Additionally, they’ll give you the formula to find proven high profit and zero to low competition offers to promote in any niche.


In addition, you’ll get access to an underground Artificial Intelligence traffic tool that drives free buyer traffic to any product or offer because Facebook ads and Google ads may be the worst ways for you to get traffic and sales.


Furthermore, this entire business can be set up to run in just 1 – 2 hours per week, without you building your own website, paying for traffic, or buying inventory.


Equally important, there is an exploding niche with $2.48 trillion with 6,000 untapped opportunities for you to start profiting right away.


Moreover, this trend is starting so you can be way ahead of everybody else; remember that when the rest of the world is talking about the same business, it’s too late.


28. Why do I like the Loci cycle?


One of the things is cool about the Loci Cycle is a program that can be used to promote many things like an e-commerce store, affiliate marketing, personal brand, practically any online business. 


It has a new strategy in which anyone can leverage the power of high authority sites. 


Driving traffic to a site could be a little hard these days because you need to use organic traffic which is going to take the time or paid traffic which you’ll need money. 


On the other hand, using the Loci Cycle strategy would be more accessible and easy to rank in the first spots on google. 


29. Why is important to have a strategy for your traffic?


Having a good strategy for driving traffic to your online business is critical. 


You can’t be reliable in only one traffic because you don’t know what is going to happen in the future. 


Furthermore, if you don’t want to rely on one source of traffic, you definitely need to use an omnipresence strategy. 


It’s important to create and upload content to all social media platforms every single day to have traction. 


Imagine how you’ll feel when:


Your time is freed up to spend with your family, doing the things you enjoy the most. As well, when you no longer need to feel stuck in a job you hate or rely on others for your livelihood.


Also, you are not burdened by bills or financial struggles, because you will have all the money you need. Also, you can travel and work when and where you want, for as much or as little time as you want. Moreover, when you have a repeatable system to grow and expand your business using the same methods as an 8 figures veteran.


In fact, you know I had a good job; my boss didn’t fight for me, and then he fired me. I fight to stay in the company without a salary, and he didn’t care. Something trigger in my brain that I’m not going to work for anyone else, finally I got it. I’m going to work on myself, developing my skills in making money online.


Additionally, I want to tell you that if you have a job, maybe you are not sure about entering the Loci Cycle, or if you are looking for a job, you can implement the Loci Farms and keep looking if that is what you want. But remember, it’s better to be prepared with multiple income streams because you don’t know what will happen in the future.


It happened to me.


I gave the company good results; they didn’t care at all.


For me, it’s about time because I want time to stay with my family and live a life. I won’t work on everybody else dream. The Loci Cycle will help you if you put in the work.


What do you think about the Loci Cycle?





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