Tai Lopez Crypto DeFi Accelerator Review

Hey guys, this is my review on Tai Lopez Crypto Defi Accelerator Review. 


I bought the program so you can analyze if this is good for you to learn about cryptocurrency.


Why do Tai Lopez’s programs give value to people?


If you have bought other courses from Tai Lopez such as the 67 steps mentor program, social media marketing agency, 300 frameworks of wealth, or the Traffic Mastery, you know there is a high chance you learn something trending and also, you will be able to take action before the masses.


Without further ado let’s jump into the program.


First of all, this is not financial advice and you could lose all of your money buying or selling digital cryptocurrencies.


What is the Tai Lopez crypto Defi accelerator program?


It all started in 2017 when Tai Lopez launched his first Cryptocurrency course named Bitcoin Crypto Mastermind.


If you know Tai Lopez, he always gives amounts of value on his youtube channel, so he started to make live streams about crypto, bitcoin, Ethereum, and all of that stuff back in 2017 but I didn’t have an interest in the cryptocurrency space.


Therefore he made a course called Bitcoin Crypto Mastermind so people can know about cryptocurrency.


Now I realized if I had taken action in 2017 my reality today will be different. But that is the reality of most people when we see an opportunity we don’t believe until many people are using it, it’s too late.


So for that reason, I bought the Whale mentorship program from Tai Lopez.


Which are the lessons of the Tai Lopez Crypto Defi accelerator program?


So when I bought the program Tai gave me access to the Bitcoin crypto mastermind program which is cool because I can learn the basics of cryptocurrency such as:


  1. Understanding cryptocurrency
  2. Buying cryptocurrency
  3. Trading cryptocurrency
  4. Utilizing cryptocurrency
  5. Coins
  6. Taxation


Tai Lopez bitcoin crypto mastermind review

And also, the Crypto Defi accelerator program as you can see in the image below:


Tai Lopez crypto defi accelerator review


Crypto Defi Accelerator Lessons from the Tai Lopez page:


  1. How To Get Started With Cryptocurrencies
  2. Which Cryptocurrency Are The Best Right Now And Why
  3. How To Be Your Own Bank (And Get Higher Interest)
  4. Everything You Need To Know About Staking, Trading, and Liquidity Pools
  5. How To Profit from Defi 2.0
  6. The DIY of Defi
  7. The ABCs of NFTs
  8. How To Get Into New Crypto Trends Before The Masses (Where The Big Profits Are)
  9. Whitelist Mastery
  10. Crypto Lexicon
  11. Trading Crypto 101
  12. And Much More…


What is the price of the Crypto Defi Accelerator?


Well, I can’t believe that Tai gives us the chance to put our price.


Tai Lopez crypto defi accelerator price


So you have the option to put your own price and to choose the payment plan like one-time payment, monthly subscription, or annual subscription.


Also, I made a review on my youtube channel if you want to watch it. Click here


Tai Lopez Bitcoin Crypto Mastermind 


Right now I’m going to explain the modules from the Bitcoin Crypto Mastermind.


Understanding cryptocurrency


In the first lesson, Tai Lopez gives an overview of which sites you can look for information on bitcoin, where you can buy it, how you can store it, and also explains the importance of your seed phrase to recover your bitcoin.


Additionally, you’ll learn the following lessons:


  • What is blockchain technology with Jeremy Gardner
  • Introduction to Bitcoin with Ben Oberg
  • Understanding cryptocurrency and learning how to get started with Dave Levine
  • Experts to follow with Dave Levine
  • Protecting your portfolio during a downward Market Trend


Buying Cryptocurrency


The first lesson will explain to you set up and secure your wallet.


Additionally, you’ll learn the following lessons:


  • Where to buy particular coins with Chuckie Snider
  • Coin research & Investing with Ben Oberg
  • Deciding which wallet to use with Brock Pierce
  • Learn about Accounts and wallets with Dan Fleyshman
  • Which wallets to store your cryptocurrency with Amith Nirgunarthy
  • Cryptocurrency purchasing strategies with Dan Fleyshman
  • Taking a look at bitcoin with Dave Levine
  • Buy and hold Ethereum with Dave Levine
  • Buy and Hold Stellar Lumens XLM with Dave Levine
  • Coin Valuations with Dave Levine
  • Where to store your coins with Dave Levine
  • God & Bad coins with Jai Bhavnani
  • Getting fiat money on exchanges with Jai Bhavnani


Trading Cryptocurrency


The first lesson is an overview of Crypto Exchanges with Ben Oberg.


In addition, you’ll be trained in the following subjects:


  • Basic Trading & Strategy with Ben Oberg
  • Bollinger bands, resistance & support with Ben Oberg
  • Trading part 1 with Ben Oberg
  • Trading part 2 with Ben Oberg
  • Using cryptocurrency Exchanges with Dave Levine
  • How to read trading charts & Identify trends with George Saber
  • Fibonacci retracement & Extension
  • Token airdrops & Hard-forks
  • Identifying candlestick formations to catch upward trends & downward trends


Utilizing Cryptocurrency


The first lesson will show you how to convert your Bitcoin to cash.


Additionally, these are the lessons you will get trained in.


  • ICOS, Altcoins, and the exchange with Ben Oberg.
  • Setting up notifications with Ben Oberg
  • Satoshi value and candlestick science with Ben Oberg
  • The top 5 altcoins with Jeremy Gardner
  • Top 3 tokens and worst 3 tokens with Amith Nirgunarthy
  • How Cryptocurrencies services may replace fiat
  • Mining with Will Tran and Enrique Sotomayer
  • How the Irs treat Crypto
  • Tax gain and Loss with Crypto
  • Reporting Crypto on your Tax Returns
  • Strategies to reduce your tax bill
  • Practical use of Blockchain Technology
  • Proof of Work vs. Proof of stake
  • Diversifying your portfolio




In the first video, Tai with Jeremy Gardner explains the top 5 altcoins. The most important in this module is the frameworks on how to select the best altcoins.


In addition, in the next following lessons, you’ll learn these topics.


  • Coin research & Investing with Ben Oberg
  • Ben Oberg shares coins he likes & doesn’t like
  • Buy & Hold Ethereum with Dave Levine
  • Buy & Hold Stellar Lumens XLM with Dave Levine
  • Good & Bad coins with Jai Bhavnani
  • Which wallets to store your cryptocurrency with Amith Nirgunarthy
  • Coin Valuations with Dave Levine
  • Dragonchain review with Chuckie Snider
  • 4 coin overview
  • Understanding ICO’S & Investing




In the first video, you’ll learn about tax gain and loss with crypto.


Additionally, the other lesson will show you this information.


  • Reporting crypto on your tax return
  • How the IRS treats crypto
  • Strategies to reduce your tax bill


Tai Lopez Crypto Defi Accelerator review: New Lessons


Tai Lopez has updated the program with the following lessons:


  1. Overview & How to stake USV & Earn interest every 8 hours.
  2. Bridging assets from Ethereum to Polygon
  3. How to earn interest from Depositing & Borrowing
  4. Staking USV on Polygon
  5. How to claim discounts of Defi 2.0 Tokens
  6. Advanced Bartering strategies
  7. Pursuing aggressive strategies with Beefy Finance


In the first lesson, they teach us how to buy USV and stake it so we can earn interest every 8 hours. I bought some USV and put those token on staking.


In addition, this is not financial advice. If you want to buy USV it’s better with the Polygon network because you pay lower fees than the Ethereum network.


Access to my 3 step system to profit from Crypto


Tai Lopez Crypto Whale Mentorship Review


Tai Lopez crypto whale mentorship


I bought the Crypto Secret System which is a Crypto whale Call mentorship by Dr. Alex Mehr. He is the business partner of Tai Lopez.


In addition, the first live call was amazing because Dr. Alex explained tricks about the Metamask wallet and the best practices we all sure need. In addition, all the recordings are in the vault. 


Also, I learned about Defi 2.0 and how to use websites such as beefy.finance, eleven.finance, adamant.finance, etc.


Additionally, I learned about liquidity pools and risky projects that have amazing APY and are risky as well.


Access to my 3 step system to profit from Crypto


What I have learned in the Crypto Whale Mentorship of Tai Lopez?

So, the first live call was amazing with Dr. Alex Mehr, and the next ones they had split the group into two types. One type is for beginners and the other for advanced people.


Therefore in the beginner room, they explained basic things, such as, how to download your metamask wallet, how to store your seed phrase, how to connect your wallet with web 3.0 websites.


Furthermore, in the advanced room, I have learned how to buy, stake, and barter USV. Also, how to interact with Defi 2.0 websites.

In fact, it’s important to know that deploying money on any cryptocurrency project involves risk.

Finally, I made a review on my youtube channel.


Tai Lopez Crypto Defi Accelerator Updates.


Tai Lopez did an update on the program as you can see on the screen.


Tai lopez Crypto defi accelerator programs

He added a new section for Defi and another for NFTs.


Inside the NFT module, I have the lessons:


  1. How to analyze rarities and traits.
  2. How to buy and sell ETH
  3. How to mint
  4. How to participate in an auction
  5. How to price an NFT
  6. How to sell an NFT with an auction
  7. Opensea and how to buy NFTs on the secondary market
  8. Setting up Metamask and Creating a Wallet. 

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