Tai Lopez 300 Frameworks of Wealth Review

In this review of the 300 Frameworks of Wealth from Tai Lopez, I’ll give you the insights and information you need to know, so you can decide whether this wealth creation program is a good fit for you.


Tai Lopez 300 frameworks of wealth



This is a deep review of Tai Lopez’s 300 Frameworks of Wealth.




My story


First I want to tell you a little bit about me.


My name is Ceshar and I’m a Chemical Engineer with an MBA.


I bought the 67 steps mentor program in 2015 and since then I have bought a lot of programs from Tai Lopez.


The truth is those programs have helped me a lot in my life because when I graduated with an MBA.


I was thinking to study another.


Crazy right?


But I wanted to earn more money in my job and I thought if I have an MBA I would earn more.


I was so wrong!


Believe it or not, I have learned more about life and money in Tai Lopez’s programs than in my whole Engineer and MBA combined years of study.


The education system it’s a waste of time, just think about Steve Jobs, Darren Hardy, Bill Gates, and Steven Spielberg. 


Getting back to the 300 steps Frameworks of Wealth.


Who is Tai Lopez?


Tai Lopez is an entrepreneur, investor, motivational speaker, and much more. Right now he is the owner of 10 global brands such as Pier 1, The Franklin Mint, Dressbarn, etc.

Tai Lopez has 2.7 million followers on Instagram, 6.2 million fans on Facebook, 1 million subscribers on Youtube, and 655K followers on Twitter.


What are the 300 Frameworks of Wealth?


The 300 Frameworks Of Wealth is a new course made by Tai Lopez to increase the knowledge of people who want to become wealthy.


He explains the traits of wealthy people.


Additionally, Tai is going to make 300 videos for this new course and I have watched the first lesson “Know Thyself”.


Know Thyself


Tai teaches about how important is to know thyself to make money and he called it Feedback Analysis.


Peter Drucker has written the phrase: “More people think they know what they are good at. They are usually wrong, a person can perform only from strength”


The educational system didn’t teach us how to know ourselves and that’s why so many people including me are lost in life.


We can’t make money around our weaknesses and if we try that approach the odds are against us.


How to know ourselves?


Tai Lopez teaches the word feedback analysis. So, we need to look at our pattern history in order to find what are we good at.


For example, I worked in a company for 11 years and all that time I didn’t have a boss around me and I was in many industries.


Therefore one of my strengths it’s about learning and being consistent with my goals. I have succeeded in the corporate world.


I remember when I didn’t know something I just deep dive into the subject.



First 300 Frameworks of Wealth: The oracles of Delphi’s


Number one of the 300 frameworks of wealth is to avoid extremes.


Most entrepreneurs love their products to an extreme nature. We don’t need to be so extreme.


If we are running a business the better thing to do is to spend a little time in all aspects, such as development, legal, accounting, sales, marketing, etc.


Analyzing Elon Musk’s work ethic. 


If I want to apply this step in my life and business it’s a good approach, but I think that if you are starting you need to take work extremely hard like Elon Musk started his first business, and then we can have some balance.


I remember watching a video of first’s Elon Musk business and practically he was working all day and coding at night. So If you are going to start something from scratch it’s better to work hard + smart to have the odds of success with you.


Additionally, if we see Grant Cardone’s actions to develop his Real State Business, he takes things to extreme work and he’s pretty good to 10X everything.


Therefore it’s important always to have context on what you are doing to avoid extreme ideologies, tactics, or strategies.


The 300 Frameworks of Wealth: Step two The Dodo bird


The best takeaway from this lesson is that if you don’t become a learning machine you will be extinct. 


Additionally, we need to practice the fundamentals more than advanced moves


When it comes to wealth creation we need to be a machine. The antidote for the dodo bird extinction is learning. 


Also, it’s important to see different perspectives not only one. For me, this is important because I always focus on business but also I’m a chemical engineer so I can read more about psychology, meditation, Plato, Descartes, etc., so as Warren Buffet said: the more you learn the more you earn. 


The 300 Frameworks of wealth by Tai Lopez: Step three Queen Elizabeth negotiation tactics.


Tai Lopez explains we need to use all the frameworks in our lives. 


I would never have thought about this framework because when you are doing negotiations sometimes happened to me that it’s like fighting. For example, when I was doing negotiations in the region for 100,000 USD business contracts the clients gave me their unreasonable proposals and I just agree. 


This framework told us that sometimes we just need to think about it and the negotiation falls in place. 


The 300 Frameworks of wealth by Tai Lopez: Step Four Eat your own dog food. 


This step is so critical because sometimes we don’t use our own products.


For example, if you are developing a new product, like an app, then you sell that app to many people. So you forget to use your own app to see if its working well.


Another example could be to have a restaurant and you forget to taste all the food you are serving to your clients.


Analyzing my previous work with the four-step


For me when I was selling chemicals.


I did many tests in the client’s labs because I knew if I use my own product to test it vs the other provider, I will have good data to make a proposal to the client.


Therefore eat your own dog food to make sure your product has great performance.


Lessons of the 300 frameworks of wealth


These are the lessons available in the program:


  1. Introduction: 300 Frameworks of Wealth
  2. Peter Drucker “Know thyself”
  3. Framework #1: The oracle of Delphi’s wise words
  4. The Dodo Bird
  5. Queen Elizabeth The Great negotiation tactics
  6. Eat your own dog food
  7. The Warren Buffet Wealthy Business Partner Rule
  8. Compelling public speaking: Strength and Warmth
  9. One hundred idea brainstorm
  10. Birds of a feather flock together, but morons mob together
  11. KPIs are King.
  12. Hyperactive mode. 


How does it look like the 300 frameworks of wealth?


I have a Tai Lopez account. Additionally, they gave me some bonus videos with the 300 frameworks. 


When you click on the 300 frameworks of wealth you are going to the next page:

Tai Lopez 300 frameworks of wealth review


As you can see in the screenshot, I have studied all the lessons of 300 frameworks of wealth. 


After you listen to the lesson you can respond to the questions. Also, you can download the mp4.


Tai Lopez 300 frameworks of wealth questions

Questions and Answers

Why do I like the 300 frameworks of wealth?


One of the things I like about the 300 frameworks of wealth is that anyone can learn knowledge about health, wealth, love, and happiness.


Furthermore, having lessons about how to build wealth is so important because is like a map.


If someone needs to go to point B from point A, the most clever thing is to use a map.


I have studied my whole life and I couldn’t find frameworks to become wealthy because the educational system is built around having a worker mindset for other people instead of creating our own business.


Why is it important to have a mentor?


A mentor can accelerate your learning curve because it takes time to learn through tests and errors. 


Let’s say you want to learn how to make money online. 


You could go to Youtube and put in the search bar “how to make money online”


Furthermore, you could open a new tab and write on google that keyword. 


Then, you’ll have thousands if not millions of sites and videos about the same subject. 


In fact, that’s why I buy programs to learn because I can accelerate my learning curve and have all the information in one place. 


How am I creating wealth with affiliate marketing?


First, I looked for a mentor who has succeeded in the field I want to succeed. 


I was interested to learn a way to make money online from home.


I realized that high ticket sales it’s an excellent way to make money from home. 


High ticket product commission


As you can see in the picture, I found a way to make 700 dollars in one day. 


Would your life change if you could make an extra 700 dollars per month?


That’s a high ticket affiliate marketing commission. 


If you want to learn you can download for FREE the ebook 7 steps to becoming a super affiliate.


For who are the 300 frameworks of wealth?


The 300 frameworks of wealth are for people who want to take a step and learn how to create wealth.


There are many wealth-creation formulas that people can do these days.


The one in which I have succeeded is affiliate marketing.


This training has the knowledge to create wealth because it will give you frameworks.


I think one of the most important things is to progress every day in our lives.


Tai Lopez 300 Frameworks of Wealth Bonus Videos


Inside the program, I got access to this bonus.


Tai Lopez 300 frameworks of wealth bonus videos


These are the lessons inside the bonus training. 

  1. Philosophy of Financial Success
  2. The 1-minute brain-body workout
  3. Blue Belt Sales
  4. Blue Belt Winning
  5. High-performance Routine
  6. Principles of wealth
  7. Sales Closing Persuasion




To create wealth we need frameworks that we can use every day so we can make good decisions. 


If we can increase the awareness of conscientiousness which means an increase in organization, perfectionism, diligence, and prudence we are on the path to wealth creation. 


It’s important to say that some people only focus on one aspect, such as diligence which is hard work. Those people can work hard but they don’t realize that it’s important to work smart as well.


Having those 4 aspects it’s important to create wealth in our lives.



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