Tai Lopez Traffic Mastery Review

If you are looking for a course that teaches how to master online traffic, you must read my Tai Lopez Traffic Mastery review.


I studied this course a lot because it goes behind the scenes how Tai Lopez’s companies run their ads.


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1. Why Online traffic is important for your business?


Well, you can imagine that any business without traffic will perish. We have two kinds of online traffic:


  1. Free traffic.
  2. Paid traffic.


Free traffic is generated by SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and social media.


Paid traffic is generated by paid advertisements or promotions, such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Twitter Ads, Pinterest Ads, etc.


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2. Tai Lopez Traffic Mastery Review Lessons.

Tai Lopez traffic mastery review


These are the lessons of the Traffic Mastery Program:


  1. Traffic Mastery welcome
  2. 12 Tips to Master Youtube Marketing and Build a strong online brand.
  3. Creating your first campaign on google ads.
  4. Setting up your Google ads account.
  5. Google Ads Introduction.
  6. Planning your way to success.
  7. Google ads search fundamentals, policies & common mistakes to avoid
  8. Search fundamentals
  9. Connecting the dots with Google.
  10. Google display network 1
  11. Google display network 2
  12. Keyword Match types & Search targeting
  13. Creating your first youtube video ad
  14. Step-by-step Facebook Campaign walkthrough.
  15. Facebook Audience Set up
  16. Instagram story ads
  17. Monetizing & optimizing your ads and funnels.
  18. Facebook Ads creative masterclass
  19. How my team gets attention and How to critically think about getting traffic.
  20. How to make retargeting campaigns from scratch on Google ads.
  21. A further introduction to Google Ads Editor.
  22. How to make smarter decisions with Data.
  23. Key metrics with data.


Therefore this course has a complete structure on how to master Google ads and Facebook ads.


Additionally, the Traffic Mastery Program explains how to use Instagram. In addition, it has the knowledge so you can utilize the biggest platforms for paid traffic.


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3. Tips on Google Ads


I have been running Google Ads for Clickbank products.


When you are using search ads remember to make two types of campaigns:


  1. Prospecting
  2. Retargeting


Prospecting Search campaigns to your website will help you to track new visitors. To do that you need to install the Google Ads pixel.


Retargeting Search campaigns will help you to retarget the same visitors so you can increase your conversion rate, which will help you to collect more emails.


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4. Why is important to pay traffic for your online business?


One of the reasons why is important to use paid traffic is to have leads or sales consistency over a period of time.


If you’re using only organic traffic, there will be times when you have sporadic sales or leads.


The thing here is to start with organic traffic.


Once you have mastered the organic traffic you can experiment with paid ads.


There is a learning curve you need to take in order to make money with paid advertising.


Furthermore, to learn the ability to use paid traffic it’s important to use a good training in that subject.


5. Is it worth the Tai Lopez Traffic Mastery?


The Tai Lopez Traffic Mastery is worth it if you’re looking for a course to learn about the different strategies to drive traffic through paid traffic.


Although is important to let you know and you can see in the content of this course the different subjects you’ll learn in the program.


Furthermore, if you’re going to buy a course with this kind of knowledge, you’ll need an amount of money to invest in ads.


In addition, I want to let you know that experimenting with ads can make you waste money and for that reason, this course is not for everybody.


Nonetheless, if you make a good job experimenting and you can find the audience for the product you are selling, the best thing to do is to scale the ads, and boom!


You’ll have a return on your ad’s investment.


6. Is Tai Lopez Traffic Mastery legit?


This is a legit training on how to learn google ads, Facebook ads, and Instagram ads.


I have been buying many of Tai Lopez’s courses throughout the years and I can tell you those programs are legit.


One thing I want to tell you is that is important to experiment when you have a new piece of knowledge.


Furthermore, having more knowledge without doing anything is not clever.



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