Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 review

Hey guys. This is my Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 review.


Additionally, Jonathan Montoya created a complete course about affiliate marketing.


In fact, I have been making money with affiliate marketing as a side hustle, and the strategies of this course are pure gold.



1.0 Who’s Jonathan Montoya?


Jonathan Montaya is the creator of Freedom Breakthrough 2.0


He’s 7 figure internet entrepreneur, affiliate marketer, and electrical engineer, who was stuck in a 9-to-5 job.


Jonathan Montoya Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 review


So, Jonathan in 9 months was able to create the passive income to quit his job and become a full-time entrepreneur, using affiliate marketing as the vehicle to achieve financial freedom.


In addition, he’s the founder of a Youtube Channel Passive income Lifestyles, which has many pieces of training on how to make money online with affiliate marketing.


Jonathan Montaya Youtube channel


2.0 What is Freedom Breakthrough 2.0?


This is a step-by-step program that will teach you how to make money online with affiliate marketing.


Additionally, you’ll learn about the affiliate stacking ecosystem.


In fact, the amazing part is that you can start for just 7 dollars.


Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 FREE ebook


What is the 3 day business challenge of Freedom breakthrough 2.0?


Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 review


By investing just 7 dollars, you’ll get access to the 3 day business challenge in which you’ll learn the foundation of how to start your online business with affiliate marketing.


Therefore you’ll learn the foundation of affiliate marketing which is building your email list.


When I started email marketing, I didn’t realize how powerful is the email list, until the affiliate program I was promoting changed the rules.


In addition, I want to emphasize how important is the email list.


Why is important the email list for your affiliate marketing business?


Truly, your email list will be your business in the long term.


Additionally, let’s say you are collecting leads with youtube, TikTok, and Instagram.


Have you ever thought about what is going to happen if someone shut down those platforms?


In fact, I want to share Jonathan’s history because he lost his Tiktok account with 190K followers.


Nobody owns the subscribers of the different social media channels but you own your email list. 


Furthermore, that could happen, but if you have your email list you can promote any related products to your list.


Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 review: what is the 3 day business challenge?


When You access the 3 day challenge, you’ll enter the foundation lessons.


Furthermore, the 3-day challenge will teach you basically what is affiliate marketing, how can you start building your funnel, Jonathan Montoya will give you his funnel, and how you can start driving traffic to your link.


Additionally, I upgraded the 3 day challenge, which means I bought the lessons about Youtube.


In addition, Youtube is one of the greatest search engines you can utilize to drive traffic to your business.


On the other hand, you should use Google as well to drive traffic.


I used Wealthy Affiliate to launched my website.


Moreover, you need to use Youtube with the right framework and strategies so you can rank your videos in the top 10.


Why youtube is important for your affiliate marketing business?


In fact, when you made a video, you can utilize the traffic of that video in the next years.


This means that the more videos you make, you’ll have more probability to drive more traffic to your business if you do it the right way.


But you should use search engine optimization with Youtube so you can rank your videos.


In fact, that was one of the most crucial pieces of knowledge I learned from the 3 day business challenge.


Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 FREE ebook


Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 review | What did I learn from the Youtube upgrade?


Truly, I believe this is one of the best lessons on how to rank Youtube videos.


First, on day one I learned how to find secret keywords that anyone can rank for.


Second, on day two I learned how to optimize Youtube videos.


Third, on day three I learned how to use search engine optimization for Youtube.


Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 FREE ebook


Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 review: What is the white label of 3 day challenge?


3 Day challenge white label


It’s possible to earn 100% of commissions with the 3-day white label course.


First, you need access to the Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 complete course.


Once you have completed the course you can promote the 3 day challenge and earn 100% commissions.


Additionally, you’ll need a account to create the funnel because Jonathan is going to give you the complete funnel.


In addition, you’ll need a account because Jonathan will give you the emails to promote his program.


Equally important, you’ll need to buy a domain. I use to buy domains and build websites.


Remember, this is a business, and like any other business, you need tools to grow it.


Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 review: White Label Lessons


So this is exciting!


In fact, Jonathan Montoya teaches how you can use his funnel of the 3-day challenge so you can earn 100% of the commission.


In this White Label Module, Jonathan is going to take through all the steps so you can use his funnel as your business.


You’ll watch the following lessons:


  1. How the white label 3 day works
  2. Import the 3 day challenge
  3. Get your perfect domain
  4. Setting up your legal pages
  5. Creating a stripe account
  6. Adding products to the funnel
  7. Restricting product access
  8. Personalizing the member’s area
  9. Giving access to customers on the Thank You page
  10. Creating the fulfillment email
  11. Creating the opt-in Email sequence
  12. 10X your High ticket sales
  13. How to get approved to go live
  14. Test and go live


Truly you can have access to this white label when you get the Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 program.


Furthermore, I have been in the affiliate marketing world for a while and I don’t know a program that does that kind of thing.


Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 review: What is the affiliate stacking ecosystem?


Affiliate stacking ecosystem


Let me ask you a simple question.


Do you want multiple streams of income from your affiliate marketing business?


If the answer is yes.


Therefore, you should learn the affiliate stacking ecosystem, which means adding value to your subscribers with excellent products so they can achieve their business goals.


In fact,  this strategy requires tech knowledge combined with copywriting skills, that anyone can learn.


Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 FREE ebook


3.0 Is the Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 really worth it?


Well, it depends.


If you have time to search on Youtube for every step by step to do affiliate marketing the right way. I said no, because why you are going to spend money on something you can do for yourself?


But if you value your time.


It’s worth it because freedom breakthrough 2.0 has all the lessons for anyone who wants to learn affiliate marketing.


Additionally, anyone can do affiliate marketing utilizing any niche.


There are many niches anyone can do, such as health, relationship, alternative medicine, etc.


Pick something you resonate with.


4.0 Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 review | Is it legit?


Freedom breakthrough 2.0 is totally legit.


Furthermore, Jonathan Montoya who is an electrical engineer has a good methodology to teach how to make money online with affiliate marketing.


In addition, he explains step by step the process systemically so people can learn this craft.


5.0 What’s exactly included in the Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 course?


Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 has 12 modules, but first, there is an introduction you need to watch.


Module 1 Intro to the Affiliate Stacking Ecosystem.


  1. How the Affiliate Stacking Ecosystem works
  2. In-Depth Example of the Affiliate Stacking Ecosystem
  3. How to pick extremely high-paying niches
  4. Picking the main core offer
  5. Finding support for the Affiliate stacking Ecosystem.


Module 2 The Perfect Affiliate Funnel


  1. What is the perfect affiliate funnel?
  2. What is a lead magnet & why do we need it
  3. How to create The Lead magnet
  4. Which Landing page software to use
  5. Create the perfect bridge page
  6. Done for you 6-figure Funnels & Lead magnets
  7. Signing up for Clickfunnels live
  8. Creating an effective opt-in affiliate funnel fast
  9. Creating extremely high converting Funnel pages (50%+ opt-in)


Module 3 Email marketing mastery


  1. Intro – How email marketing prints money
  2. Email marketing definitions
  3. Signing up for Getresponse
  4. How to integrate Clickfunnels & Getresponse
  5. Setting up a professional Domain email address
  6. Adding your professional email to getresponse
  7. The secret sauce (6 Figure email sequence that works)
  8. Get your emails written for you
  9. How to automate email live build & integration
  10. How to send broadcast messages to your list
  11. Staying out of spam and increasing open rates
  12. What now?


Module 4 The King of free traffic Youtube


  1. Youtube Setup walkthrough
  2. The Youtube ecosystem
  3. How to guarantee your growth on Youtube (The 3 phrases)
  4. Growing on Youtube from 0 (This works every time)
  5. How to optimize the videos to rank at the top
  6. Automate the optimization process
  7. Key metrics to grow on Youtube
  8. Watch time and the Perfect Youtube script
  9. Click through rate & The perfect thumbnails
  10. First 24 hours velocity tricks
  11. Youtube analytics tricks
  12. The Youtube Golden keywords Guaranteed to rank
  13. Youtube shorts


Module 5 Free traffic with Tiktok


  1. The big picture (Really important)
  2. Using Tiktok to Blow up our business
  3. Downloading & setting up the Tiktok app
  4. Optimizing your BIO & adding social media handles
  5. Content ideas – How to guarantee growth on Tiktok
  6. How much should I post on Tiktok
  7. Editing videos & Batch filming
  8. Tiktok algorithm revealed
  9. How we will use Tiktok to get leads & sales
  10. Create 12 videos in an hour
  11. Tiktok live secrets
  12. Stitches, duets & comments replays


Module 6 Free traffic with Facebook groups


  1. Intro to Facebook Groups
  2. How to create the Facebook Group (key elements)
  3. Growing from 0 to 1000 using a Facebook profile
  4. Grow fast using a lead magnet
  5. How to use the algorithm to your advantage
  6. Writing super engaging posts
  7. How to save time not replying back
  8. Using this to get social media posts written for you
  9. Numbers are key
  10. The big vision


Module 8 Featuring Joshua Ong – High tickets sales with Facebook organic


  1. Introduction to Joshua Ong
  2. Intro
  3. Psychology & Mindset of success with Facebook
  4. Success Cycle
  5. The power of momentum
  6. Branding your Inc – Profile setting & Funnel set up
  7. Deleting inactive friends or not target audience
  8. Adding your ideal client
  9. Daily method of operation
  10. Limitless content strategy
  11. Content strategy
  12. The value framework
  13. Engagements algorithm
  14. Facebook posting strategy
  15. The power of Facebook stories
  16. High intention, low attachment
  17. Lead Generation with Facebook Groups
  18. Outbound strategy
  19. Follow up strategy
  20. 5 Pillars to Close high tickets sales on FB messenger


Module 9 Creating the affiliate website asset


  1. Website asset intro
  2. Find your domain
  3. Start your website and Lockdown your domain
  4. Backed tour of your website
  5. Deleting slow plugins
  6. Installing essential plugins
  7. Installing WordPress theme
  8. Creating a blog post
  9. Creating a category
  10. Adding legal pages
  11. Adding menus
  12. Creating the about page
  13. What are widgets?
  14. Creating email forms & pop up forms
  15. The website is done, now what?


Module 10 Nathan Lucas – Google SEO mastery (Showing up at the top of google search)


  1. Intro to Nathan Lucas
  2. Why blogging? Stats
  3. Understanding search results
  4. Search traffic buyer intent
  5. Search traffic Informative intent
  6. Find the best keywords & Siphon traffic from your competitors
  7. Generate Endless topic ideas
  8. Crafting the perfect blog post
  9. SEO keywords to include LSI
  10. Generate leads from your blog
  11. Automate & outsource your blog
  12. On-page SEO


Module 11 Paid traffic with Google ads


  1. Intro to google ads
  2. Installing the Google ads pixel
  3. Google ad Campaign structure explained
  4. Keyword research (Plan for success)
  5. How to run a search campaign ad
  6. Running retargeting ads on Google
  7. How to run Youtube ads
  8. Youtube ads Custom placements
  9. Creating custom audiences for Retargeting
  10. Analyzing the data on google ads
  11. Scaling your google ads
  12. Copy my exact ads safe landing page


Module 12 Launch jacking


  1. Launch jacking intro
  2. How it works & how much you can make
  3. Common questions & concerns I get
  4. How to get an article on your website
  5. Getting articles written for you
  6. How to force Google to show (index) your site
  7. Advanced – Creating bonus
  8. Launch jacking with Youtube.


6.0 Freedom Breakthrough Affiliate program


Jonathan is helping his students by giving them access to promote the 3 day challenge and the high-ticket product. 


Therefore the only thing you need to do to promote the high-ticket product is to access the 3 day challenge.


The knowledge of the 3 day challenge can be used to promote any product online such as a digital product, physical product, or a high-ticket product.


One important consideration is to invest your time to promote a product that is going to give you a high return.


Additionally, if I ask you, would you promote a product that’s going to pay you 1 dollar or 1000 dollars, which one you choose?


It’s a no-brainer to choose the product that pays 1000 dollars in commissions.


7.0 What are my results with the Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 program?


Let me show you a screenshot of my results promoting the high-ticket product.


Freedom breakthrough 2.0 results


Furthermore, it’s amazing that anyone who put in the work and applies the training can earn money online from home.


Also, the most important thing is to watch the lessons and apply them quickly to get results as fast as possible.


In addition, sometimes it takes time to get results because it’ll depend on your work ethic, perseverance, and taking massive action.


8.0 What is the affiliate stacking ecosystem?


Once you have selected your primary offer, you can put as many products in your backend to give more value to your subscribers. 


Let’s say you will promote Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 the high ticket program. 


The next step is to find as many products that will support your main product such as software for email marketing, funnels, SEO, website hosting, etc. 


Therefore, the thing here is to educate your subscribers to succeed in the endeavor they want to achieve


Furthermore, the affiliate stacking ecosystem is powerful because you can help as many people as you want with the products you’re promoting. 


Also, you’ll need tools to run your affiliate marketing business; that’s why it’s powerful this method because you are recommending products that you’re using for yourself. 


9.0 Freedom breakthrough 2.0 review | Why do people don’t succeed with affiliate marketing?


Almost everybody wants fast results doing affiliate marketing but this thing is not easy, although is simple. 


What do I mean?


The strategy is simple because you only need to refer people to your affiliate link but the way you do it it’s the problem. 


There are so many ways to promote a link that people don’t know where to start. 


Furthermore, anybody who wants to make money online from home with affiliate marketing will need to put in the work and have patience. 


This is like planting seeds. 


You plant your first seed which means choosing a product and one traffic source.


Then you need to fertilize it, water it, and give them the nutrients. 


Therefore, you start collecting leads for your business, and eventually, you’ll make sales. 


Remember, the most important thing is your email list. 


10.0 Why does it takes time to get your first high ticket commission?


The thing here is that you’ll need to develop your own skills to make this business work. 


Therefore that means investing in yourself and tools to accelerate the process. 


In fact, there are some people that want to make money without investing money and time, and that’s difficult. 


In addition, the tools will help you to build your own business in the long term because you can just direct traffic to your affiliate links but you’ll build the list of somebody else. 


It’s going to take you time to learn the strategies and then you’ll need to wait until you get the first sale. 


Some people have resulted in 1 month, others in 6 months; my own experience is that it took me 1 year to get my first commission. 


Therefore it’s important to start this business while you have a job because it takes time. 


11.0 Is Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 safe?


This program is totally safe to buy it. 


Therefore it has the strategies and tactics to make money online from home with affiliate marketing. 


In fact, the best thing about affiliate marketing is that you can promote any product you like. 


There are digital products, physical products, courses, ebooks, etc. 


The sky is the limit. 


One good suggestion is to promote a high-ticket product because you can earn more money than if you promote a product that pays a lower commission. 


12.0 How to succeed in high ticket affiliate marketing?


To succeed in high-ticket affiliate marketing is important to have a complete system. 


What Do I mean by a complete system?


it’s important to track everything, every click you have in your funnel. 


Therefore you’ll need to put tracking pixels on your opt-in page. 


Additionally, once you have all your pixels you can do remarketing to all your website visitors which is going to increase the opt-in rate because those people already interacted with your page. 


In addition, the cost per click decreases when you do remarket rather than if you target cold traffic. 


13.0 How to succeed in affiliate marketing?


It took me 1 year to get my first online commission with affiliate marketing. 


One thing I did to succeed was not given up. 


Therefore, people want fast results you know but starting an affiliate marketing business is like planting a tree. 


You need to water it, fertilize it, and wait to harvest the fruits. 


In addition, you need the proper training which for me was Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 


14.0 Freedom Breakthrough Price


The price of the 3 day challenge is 7 dollars which is great because its cheap and more people can learn about affiliate marketing.


There are upsells in the 3 day challenge which I bought and I can tell you I have learned a lot.


The complete Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 costs 1,497 dollars but one of the best things about this training is that when you access the 3 day challenge automatically you can promote the complete program.


15.0 How to promote a product with affiliate marketing?


One of the things you can do is promote a high-ticket product because you’ll earn more commissions.


Therefore, if you want to promote freedom breakthrough 2.0 you should take the 3 day challenge to learn the basics.


Furthermore, you’ll need to build a solid foundation to make money online with affiliate marketing.


It’s possible to make money with affiliate marketing if you do it the right way


16.0 Conclusion


The Freedom breakthrough 2.0 system works if you put in the work to learn and apply the lessons. 


Therefore, the best thing about this program is that you can use the knowledge to promote any product you want.


I’m using the program to promote high-ticket products because I want to invest my time in products with high returns. 


I wish you success in your affiliate marketing career! 


By the way, you can download for FREE the 7 steps to becoming a super affiliate in the button below. 

Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 FREE ebook





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