David Woodbury Youtube Ranking Masterclass review


The Youtube Ranking Masterclass from David Woodbury is a creative way to make money online. It is a course that has the knowledge to utilize the Youtube platform so you can sell your products or other people’s products. This is how to make money from home as a kid, teen, or adult.


I bought it so I’ll give you the best insight so you can decide if it fits you in your toolbox, therefore you’ll find an easy way to make money from the internet.


We are in exciting times to change for a better life. Every day I see opportunities on the internet. Now is the time to make a full income from the internet.

David Woodbury Youtube ranking masterclass

Nowadays it’s important to have ways to make side money from home even if you have a secure job. You don’t know what could happen in the future.


I have bought a lot of courses and I like to study and implement the strategies, so you can find ways to earn extra money from the internet.


As well I suggest you check the perpetual income 365 to make money online from home.


You may use this knowledge of the Youtube Ranking Masterclass from David Woodbury for the affiliate marketing business.


What is the affiliate marketing business?


This is a business in which you can promote other people’s products on the internet and you could earn a commission from that sale.


There are a bunch of platforms that you can use to promote such as:






One way to promote the products from those affiliate marketing platforms is with youtube. So you could make a side hustle business from your home.


Also, I suggest you write your goals in a notepad before you start the Youtube Ranking Masterclass Training.


For me, the one goal was to achieve financial freedom and not having to depend on a job.


First I’m going to respond to the question:


1. Who is David Woodbury?


David Woodbury is the #1 affiliate for Tai Lopez since 2015 and also was the Top Clickbank affiliate for 2016.


Additionally, he has deep knowledge of what you need to become an affiliate so you can implement the same strategies in your business.


In addition, he has built a successful online business in affiliate marketing through mostly free methods.


Equally important, he has taught thousands of people worldwide through his online courses.


Also, you can read some testimonials from David Woodbury’s students.


Youtube Ranking Masterclass David Woodbury testimonial


David Woodbury Youtube Ranking Masterclass testimonial 2


Youtube Ranking Masterclass David Woodbury testimonial 3



2. What are David Woodbury’s courses?


The Youtube Ranking Masterclass 2.0 is one of the best courses from alternativeentrepreneur.com


Moreover, the other courses can see in the list below:


Digital Real State Affiliate Mastery. This is a full guide to setting up a monetized online business for passive income doing what you love.


Affiliate Master Files. Truly you can download over 30 of David Woodbury’s best affiliate landing pages.


Cashflow video series (How I became the #1 Affiliate for Tai Lopez). Indeed you can learn how David Woodbury has consistently made 6 figures. In this video series, David Woodbury will show you what works and 3 simple traffic booster methods to get free traffic.


Youtube Ranking Masterclass 2.0 David Woodbury


3. What is the content of the Youtube Ranking Masterclass 2.0?


David Woodbury said: “One thing you need to focus is on lead generation”


I use getresponse.com for the email marketing business because you need to build your email list and stay in touch with your subscribers.


GetResponse is a powerful, simplified tool to send emails, create pages, and automate your marketing.


They are a global marketing software company, empowering you to run your business with the online marketing tools that you need. Take the next step forward and join the thousands of business growth by engaging audiences online everywhere.


GetResponse has excellent customer support, also they speak 8 languages, and is 100% committed to your success.


You can use GetResponse to market your business online with features that help you reach out to potential clients and build relationships. Furthermore, you can make money from anywhere, with the flexibility to generate and convert leads from the comfort of your own home.


This is a list of the content of the Youtube Ranking Masterclass from David Woodbury.


Youtube Ranking Masterclass 2.0 Updates:

  • Welcome to Youtube Ranking Masterclass 2.0. Duration (5:24)

David Woodbury explains these strategies will work for any business or a hobby. He has been able to generate 6 figures consistently in affiliate marketing.

  • Lesson 1. Live 1st-page ranking and 4 types of Youtubers + Channel strategies. Duration (59:40)

David Woodbury explains how you can use youtube for different kinds of businesses. The 4 types are local businesses, hobbies, affiliate marketing, and e-commerce.

  • Lesson 2. Branding your channel. Duration (13:10)

Branding is very important for your Youtube Channel. You need to take a time to decide which photo, avatar, etc., you’ll use for your Channel.

  • Lesson 3. The Viral Secret Seasoning For Your Channel – The Million View Idea. Duration (18:11)

You’ll learn how to be on the right track for viral videos so you can get viral views on your Youtube Channel.

  • Lesson 4. Ranking High Traffic Keywords!. Duration (4:28)

David Woodbury will explain how to start ranking higher traffic Keywords so you can get more views.

  • Lesson 5. How To Find Viral Video Ideas in Any Niche To Test. Duration (7:02)

You’ll learn how to research so you can get content ideas for your videos.

  • Lesson 6. Growth Strategy For Whats Working now (Behind the scenes on one of my growing channels). Duration (12:41)

David Woodbury has been a lot of testing on how to increase the stats on 1 of his youtube channel. He shares his news strategies.

  • Lesson 7. Growing Fast with Youtube shorts! Introduction and behind the brand!. Duration (9:34)

You’ll learn that you can start a youtube channel using a hobby with shorts.


Youtube Ranking Masterclass 1.0 – The Complete Guide To Ranking Videos And Building a Business With Youtube.

  • Lesson 1. Ways to make money with youtube. Duration (21:03)

These are different strategies that people are using to make money with youtube so you can know how to start your online business.

  • Lesson 2. Ranking a video Step by Step Demonstration. Duration (19:19)

David Woodbury will show you how to do some keyword research so you can find ideas for videos.

  • Lesson 3. Golden Nugget Keyword Strategy For Finding Buyer Keywords. Duration (11:26)

David Woodbury in this lesson of his Youtube Ranking Masterclass will show you how to use youtube to do keyword research for finding ideas.

  • Lesson 4. Bonus Tool Demo for Graphics & Creating Thumbnails for Videos Easily. Duration (13:37)

In this lesson, you’ll learn a cool program for making graphics that you can use on youtube or Instagram as well. Also, you can create different thumbnails for youtube.

  • Lesson 5. Finding Content and Special Tool Demo. Duration (10:27)

This is a great tool to make videos if you don’t want to show your face.

  • Lesson 6. Get Viral views!. Duration (7:46)

David Woodbury in this lesson of his Youtube Ranking Masterclass will show you why is important to keep people engage.

  • Lesson 7. Getting more eyes On Your Videos. Duration (11:08)

This lesson will show you how to get more views on your youtube videos so you can get more exposure.

  • Lesson 8. Getting Hot Buyer Leads For Your Business. Duration (3:33)

David Woodbury explains why it’s important to collect leads.

  • Lesson 9. Creating A Marketing System & Landing Page Tutorial. Duration (30:39)

Creating a landing page is so important to collect leads. This lesson will show you how to create with Getresponse.

  • Lesson 10. Landing Page Tutorial. Duration (9:44)

David Woodbury will show you how to create a landing page on VerticalResponse.

  • Lesson 11. Domains VS Link Shorteners and Why This Is Important. Duration (7:44)

This lesson is a game-changer because you’ll learn why is so important the domains.

  • Lesson 12. How To Get Instant Traffic To Any Link Without Any Work. Duration (8:34)

David Woodbury will use a great strategy that can boost your rankings a lot.

  • Thank you and Good Luck!



  • Great Source To Finding Trending Content For Videos. Duration (1:45)

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to find trending topics for your videos so you can make viral views.

  • How to Brand Your Videos To Protect You And Earn You More. Duration (8:28)

David Woodbury in this lesson of his Youtube Ranking Masterclass will explain why it’s important to brand your videos.

  • The Micro Channel Strategy. Duration (32:47)

In this lesson, David Woodbury will show you how to create a microchannel also why is so important to implement this strategy.

  • One Big No On Youtube. Duration (0:58)

David Woodbury will show you some tips you never do on youtube because if you do something wrong you can get your account suspended.

  • Submitting Videos To Search Bots To Speed Up Ranking. Duration (1:48)

This strategy will help you to get your video across the web so the search engines recognize your video.

  • Smart Video Tag Generator. Duration (5:38)

In this lesson, you’ll learn to use a tool that will help you with the tags in your youtube videos.

  • Automating Expired Domain Search And Research Strategy. Duration (12:05)

David Woodbury will help you how to use the expired domain so you can utilize this strategy in your internet business.

  • Money Video Funnel Part 1. Duration (10:34)

This strategy will help you to market affiliate products with youtube.

  • Money Video Funnel Part 2. Duration (7:37)

David Woodbury will explain to you in more detail how to use this strategy on your youtube channel.

  • Fixing Blocked URL / Link issues With Forwarding. Duration (20:54)

In this lesson, David Woodbury will show you the way you need to take care of your links if you are not using a direct domain.

  • Automated Strategy To Share Your Content For More Views, Leads, and Sales. Duration (33:00)

You’ll learn how to promote your affiliate products on Facebook with an automated strategy.

  • Streaming Live on Youtube. Duration (11:08)

David Woodbury on this lesson of his Youtube Ranking Masterclass will show you how to go live with a pre-recorded video.

  • PLR Reselling. Duration (8:59)

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to use the PLR to sell them or to collect leads.

  • Copyright Free Video and Audio Tool – Create Pro Level Videos Easy!. Duration (11:51)

You’ll learn how to use a powerful video editor tool so you can utilize it in your internet business.

  • Youtube Ads 101. Duration (28:01)

David Woodbury will show you a good strategy for youtube ads to make sales.


Why Do I like the Youtube Ranking Masterclass?


One of the things I like about this training is that anyone can learn how to build an online business on Youtube.


You know that Youtube is one of the amazing sources of traffic anyone can use if they have the right frameworks.


Furthermore, having success on Youtube is something that anyone who has the recipe could do it.


Let me know what you think about the Youtube Ranking Masterclass.




Finally, the Youtube Ranking Masterclass is for people who want knowledge on how to use Youtube for Business whether if you have a product to promote or not.

Also, you can use the knowledge in your Affiliate Marketing Business to promote other people’s products.




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