Freedom Breakthrough 3.0 Jonathan Montoya review by a real user

This is my in-depth Freedom Accelerator review.


There are many Freedom Accelerator reviews on Google from people that didn’t buy the program but I actually bought it so you can see what’s inside of the training. 


Watch this video first! Welcome to my blog!


In the following video, you’ll see what’s inside of Freedom Accelerator.


I bought Freedom Accelerator for $1,497 dollars but Jonathan Montoya is going to raise the price very soon!! 


You will see my results with this online training below. 


1. Freedom Breakthrough 3.0 review| For whom is this course?


If you’re looking to make commissions with high-ticket products, then you need to check out this affiliate marketing course on short-form videos. 


Although this training has a module about making Long form videos on Youtube which I absolutely love! I used the information to grow my YouTube channel.


Freedom Accelerator is a comprehensive and practical guide that will teach you everything you need to know about promoting high-ticket products using these popular social media platforms such as Facebook reels, Tiktok, Instagram reels, and Youtube long and short form.


I bought the online course and it has trending strategies about how to start affiliate marketing using short-form videos to drive traffic to your funnel.


Also, it has a module on how to use artificial intelligence to create videos.


Freedom Accelerator program


2. Freedom Breakthrough 3.0 review | Who is the teacher of this online program?


The course is taught by Jonathan Montoya who is an expert in the field who has years of experience and a proven track record of success. Also, he created Freedom Breakthrough 2.0.


He shares his knowledge and insights in an easy-to-understand way, making it accessible to anyone, regardless of their experience level.


Jonathan Montoya used to work as an electrical engineer, but now he is an online entrepreneur who succeeded with affiliate marketing. 


Furthermore, he started his online business in May of 2019 and it took him 9 months to quit his 9 to 5 job. 




3. Why Do I like the Freedom accelerator from Jonathan Montoya?


One of the things I really like about this course is that it covers all the basics of affiliate marketing, including how to find and choose the right products, and it has A-B maps for Crypto, Health and Fitness, and Real State Niches.


The A-B map is the products that you can promote for those specific niches which means you don’t have to waste time to find products to promote. 


Furthermore, it has the products that Jonathan is promoting in his affiliate marketing business so you can copy and paste it. 


On the other hand, it has the funnels that Jonathan used when he started in affiliate marketing. I’m using his funnels to collect leads and make commissions. 


You can copy and paste those funnels inside of your or Clickfunnels account. 

Freedom Accelerator Done For you funnels


In the following video, I’ll explain to you what is the affiliate stacking ecosystem and the A-B maps. 



3.1 Why is it important to catch trends to make money?


One of the things I learned about making money online is that you need to catch a trend. 


Let’s say for example that you started a Youtube channel in 2009.


It’s going to be easier to make money from that channel than if you start today. 


That’s why the best time to start a Youtube channel, Tiktok channel, or Instagram account or start posting Facebook reels, is today. 



4. Freedom Accelerator review | What will you learn in this online training?


The course includes video lessons, step-by-step guides, and lots of examples of how to start an affiliate marketing business using short-form videos


In fact, this is how people can make money as fast as humanly possible using the trend of short-form videos.


And I want to let you know that is not easy because you’ll need to put in the work. 


Freedom Accelerator Table of contents


The Freedom Accelerator has 4 modules:


1.1 4 Phases to Freedom & the Affiliate Stacking Ecosystem

1.2 Building an Automated Sales System

1.3 Creating a 5 – 15 second short videos

1.4 Faceless Artificial Intelligence Leads with Colton Havens.

1.5 Unlimited Leads with Instagram with Camila Markson

1.6 Facebook reels with Joshua Smith

1.7 DM closing with Peter Dudek

2.0 Automated Traffic Machine (Generating Leads with YouTube)

3.0 Increase conversions

4.0 Automation


You also get access to a private community on Facebook where you can ask questions, get feedback, and learn from other students.


Furthermore, you’ll have one coaching call every Tuesday with an instructor in which we ask questions about our affiliate marketing business. 


5. Freedom Accelerator review | What will you get when you enter the program?



In addition to the course materials, you also get access to exclusive bonuses, such as classes with Daniel Chou. 


Furthermore, you’ll have access to some of Jonathan’s funnels which you can model for your own affiliate marketing business.


Additionally, you can download a list of videos so you can model them to start growing your business and access Jonathan’s affiliate products.


6. Freedom Accelerator review | What are the things that set apart this program from others?


One of the things that set this course apart from others is its focus on short-form videos.


These platforms such as YouTube shorts, Instagram reels, TikTok, and Facebook reels are incredibly popular and have a huge potential for reaching and engaging with your audience.


The course teaches you how to create videos that are engaging, informative, and entertaining videos so you can drive traffic to your own funnel and make sales. 


Furthermore, one of the things that separate successful affiliate marketers who don’t succeed, is that they are always looking to improve their strategies and experiment with trending platforms. 

7. Freedom Accelerator review | What are you going to learn from this program?


The course also provides you with detailed guidance on how to set up and optimize your sales funnel system.


This includes choosing the right products, creating compelling offers, setting up landing pages and opt-in forms, and integrating email marketing and automation tools.


Jonathan Montoya shares his own experiences and strategies, as well as case studies and best practices from other successful affiliates.


I think one of the best things anyone can do whether you access the course or not, is to create their own Youtube channel and Jonathan shares his own strategies on how to succeed with that task. 


8. Freedom Accelerator review | What are you going to learn from the Freedom Accelerator program?


Another thing that I appreciate about this course is its emphasis on practicality.


Jonathan Montoya provides you with real-world examples and actionable tips and strategies that you can implement right away.


He also offers support through a Facebook group to help you overcome any challenges and obstacles you may face.


The business model is easy but the hard thing is to do everyday things even if you don’t have results.


9. Freedom Accelerator review| Why is it important to start an affiliate marketing business ASAP?


One of the things I knew when I was working in a corporate job was that I needed to develop skills to make money online.


Because I knew that in the economy today I couldn’t rely on one source of income


That’s why I think affiliate marketing is the easiest business model to understand for anyone


Because you only need to drive traffic to your affiliate links to make commissions, although the traffic part is what people don’t do because it takes time. 


Affiliate marketing business model


And I’m not saying that is going to be easy to get results.


Because you need a 24/7 sales system in place so you can focus on getting leads for your business.


10. Freedom Accelerator review | Why is it important to grow your TikTok account?


Using the Tiktok platform is a great way to get leads for your affiliate marketing business. 


Let me show you my TikTok account in the next picture. 


My tiktok account

Some tips to grow a new Tiktok account :

  1. Post videos every single day so you can grow faster. 
  2. When you get to 1000 subscribers put your affiliate link. Do not change the creator account to a business account because if you do, you’ll see a decrease in your views.
  3. Write a good BIO so people know what are going to see in your account. 

11. Is it possible to make money online with high-ticket affiliate marketing?


I have been making money with high-ticket affiliate marketing for a while and for me, it’s the best business model to start because a person can make high commissions.


Let me show you some of my results:


Freedom accelerator sales results


It’s possible to make money online with a High-ticket program if you have the right system in place and work every day on your content strategy.


The most important thing is to take action to share your own story with other people.


The best platforms you can use to grow your affiliate marketing business are YouTube, Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook reels, and Pinterest using short-form video content. 


12. Freedom Accelerator review | How to succeed with the Freedom Accelerator program?


The only way is to work hard and smart. 


Working hard means creating your 24/7 sales system with Clickfunnels and Getresponse or


Once you have done that step it’s important to create content every day to have website visits to your own funnel. 


Building your email list is the most important thing you can do every single day. 


By working smart I mean creating leverage of your own content. 


That means posting the same short-form video on all your social media platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook reels. 


How to learn skills to make money with high-ticket affiliate marketing?


I have been learning skills to make money by promoting high-ticket products.


One of the things about Freedom Accelerator is that I can use those strategies to promote any product online.


Furthermore, if you are looking to learn skills about making money online with affiliate marketing, you should access my free training.


I want to tell you an important thing to succeed with affiliate marketing.


That is to create an audience that follows and trusts you.


Is Freedom Accelerator a great program for learning high-ticket affiliate marketing?


I studied the whole program and I think is complete training to learn about high-ticket affiliate marketing.


The first thing is that it has a module about how to grow with short-form video, but also has a module about YouTube.


YouTube is one of the most important platforms to get leads for your business.


Inside Freedom Accelerator has many lessons explaining how to rank videos on YouTube, how to do analysis, how to choose keywords, etc.


For me, It’s important this module because the videos I upload on Youtube are going to stay there forever but more importantly, I can grow my own brand using videos.


Is Freedom Accelerator a legitimate program to learn the Affiliate Stacking Ecosystem?


Surely it is!


The affiliate stacking ecosystem is a method to make money with affiliate marketing solving a problem.


People usually want to improve something in their lives.


For example, people want to make more money, be healthy, and have more love. Those are some examples of niches to start promoting products with affiliate marketing.


Basically, you promote a main product which is a high-ticket product, then you promote supporting products to help people to go from point A to point B.


Freedom Accelerator review | Is Freedom Accelerator a legitimate program to learn how to build automated sales systems?


This step is crucial to any online business because when I built my automated sales system and started driving traffic to it, suddenly I started to make commissions online.


Basically, I work on driving traffic to my funnel which is my sales system and the software does all the job.


It was important for me because I could have leads and sales at any time of the day.


I use Clickfunnels to build my opt-in pages and Getesponse for the autoresponder.


Why is it important to grow your YouTube channel for affiliate marketing?


I’m using the method I learned in Freedom Accelerator to grow my YouTube channel.


Freedom accelerator Youtube lessons


Having a YouTube channel is crucial for affiliate marketing because we can grow an audience and promote good products.


Let me show you my YouTube channel.


Youtube channel growth journey


Basically what I’m doing is to do keyword research before uploading the video because I want to know if the keyword of the title is good for my YouTube channel.


Then I record the video to upload it on YouTube. Once I have done that step I cut the video in Shorts.


And I put the same title to every short.


Therefore I’m growing with the power of short-form videos and long-form videos.


One important thing is to upload long-form videos because that is going to help you monetize the YouTube channel more quickly.


Is it possible to make money with Freedom Accelerator from Jonathan Montoya?


I have been making money online with this course for a while and I think it has great information to start working with affiliate marketing.


I want to tell you that you’ll need to put in the work because many people start but they quit when they don’t see any results.


Therefore the mentality that we need when we start learning from The Freedom Accelerator Jonathan Montoya Program is a not quitting mentality.


What is the 72-Hour Freedom Challenge?


72 Hour Freedom Challenge Jonathan Montoya


The 72-Hour Freedom challenge has 3 phases:


  1. The Freedom Roadmap.
  2. The Automated Sales System.
  3. 3 Secret Traffic Methods for Fast Results.


This challenge has the capacity to build a 6 – 7 Figures online business with the knowledge inside of the training.


The difference between the 72-Hour Challenge and Freedom Accelerator is that Freedom Accelerator has the information to build an affiliate marketing business for the long term without working every day.


Furthermore, Freedom Accelerator has training on how to use YouTube as a lead generator traffic machine.


Freedom Accelerator review | My results promoting the 72-Hour Freedom Challenge Jonathan Montoya


This is a picture of my dashboard for the 72-Hour Freedom Challenge.

Freedom Accelerator results by a real user


One of the things to succeed with this online training is to set up your own funnel to start collecting leads.


Building your own audience is important because you’ll be able to promote multiple products online.


The other thing is to create content every day to drive traffic to your own funnel.


People get discouraged when they don’t see any results, and you need time to start getting the ball rolling.


Freedom Accelerator review | Freedom Accelerator Price


The price of the Freedom Accelerator program was $1497 dollars or 3 payments of $597 dollars.


Freedom Accelerator price

If you access the Freedom Accelerator, you’ll get these things:


  1. The Freedom Accelerator program. Start and grow your affiliate stacking ecosystem.
  2. The 5-Hour Done for You funnel.
  3. Access to the Freedom Community.
  4. Weekly coaching calls.


If you want to first test the waters and start with the 72-Hour Challenge which has the basic information to create the affiliate stacking ecosystem, you can click here.


Jonathan is going to increase the price very soon! 


If you want to get access before Jonathan increases the price let me know in the comments below! 


Freedom Accelerator review | Freedom Accelerator Affiliate Program


If you want to promote the Freedom Accelerator program you can do it.


You need to go to this website


The next step is to apply to promote it.


Once you have access, you’ll get your affiliate links for the 72-hour challenge and the freedom accelerator training.


There is another way to promote the Freedom Accelerator through 


But the problem with using digistore24 is that you can’t track your leads.


Instead, if you use the other website, you should be able to see the emails of people who put their information on Jonathan Montoya’s funnel.


That’s why I suggest to you that you build your own funnel if you want to build your business for the long term.


13. Freedom Accelerator weekly calls


One of the things I like about this program is that we have weekly live calls on Zoom to ask questions and see our progress with an instructor.


When you are starting, you’ll need all the help possible to succeed with affiliate marketing.


The calls we are having are on Tuesday and we received an email before the call starts.


I think that Freedom Accelerator has the complete knowledge but you need to know that to succeed you’ll need to put in the work.


All the live calls are archived inside the Private Facebook group.


Freedom Accelerator review | How is the customer support of Freedom Accelerator?


I have been in almost all the coaching calls and I can tell you for a fact that if you need help the instructor is going to help you step by step.


One thing to consider is that the coaching calls are unlimited.


That’s a good thing if you need support to set up your own sales funnel whether you use Clickfunnels or


Freedom Accelerator Review | 72 Hour Challenge


Jonathan made an update inside the 72-hour challenge. 


He put a sales team inside the challenge so people could have support during the program. 


This is really awesome because you can ask questions during the challenge when you book the call. 


The price of the 72-hour challenge is 9 dollars, which I think is not expensive because you can download a funnel that you can use as a lead magnet to collect leads. 


Freedom Accelerator review | Freedom Accelerator Updates


Jonathan Montoya has updated the training by adding a module about artificial intelligence for making videos and a module for getting leads with Instagram.


One thing you need to know is that he is going to increase the price soon because he added new information plus business advisors to close sales. 


Basically, when someone takes the challenge they need to book a call with a business advisor so people can have personalized help through the 72-hour challenge. 


14. Conclusion


Overall, I highly recommend the Freedom Accelerator Program by Jonathan Montoya.


It’s a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn how to promote high-ticket products and make commissions fast using these platforms.


The course is comprehensive, practical, and easy to follow, and the instructor is knowledgeable, engaging, and supportive.


Enroll today and start learning how to leverage the power of short-form videos to grow your business and generate more revenue.


A quick story of my mistakes doing affiliate marketing! Watch the video!




If you access it through my button I’ll send you my 2 bonuses 


Bonus 1: My FREE affiliate marketing training so you can get started today without paying anything.


Bonus 2: Ebook The 7 steps to becoming a super affiliate by Jonathan Montoya.


7 Steps to becoming a super affiliate by Jonathan Montoya


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