Tai Lopez New Programs

Viral video influencer agency


Tai Lopez will teach you how to charge business owners

2,500 to 25,000 USD for one simple service.


You’ll get training on:

How to make viral videos

How to get paying customers

How to add video creation to your social media agency

How to price your videos

How to get people to be in your videos

How to use influencers in your videos

How to use controversy

How to use drama

How to use humor

How to develop characters

How to write scripts

Script templates you can use

And much more!

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Tai Lopez reveals his 300 lessons

of wealth creation.


You’ll get training on:

How to speak the language of your customers

How to hire, fire, and identify top-tier talent

His land, labor, and capital formula for picking a product to sell

How to identify what business to be in — and, once found — how to pick which product to focus on

What type of software and tech stack to use

How to use social media to raise capital (one of the things I was the first in the world to do)

And so much more…

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